Designer Gaurav Gupta opens up about why he chooses women of colour as his muse

Diverse models, dressing Beyonce, and more.

Harper's Bazaar India

In the last few years, Indian designers have taken centre stage in the world of fashion. Every day we see more recognition, acceptance, and awe for the gorgeous designs that come out of India. One such designer, that has played a major role in this shift, is couturier Gaurav Gupta. From dressing Indian celebrities like Aishwarya Rai for Cannes to international stars like Cardi B for the Grammy Awards, Gupta has found adoration for his designs all over the globe. Gupta is a trailblazer on all fronts; his designs are futuristic and so is his mindset. He is a staunch advocate of inclusivity, whether it be size or race. Harper’s Bazaar India, in an exclusive interview with the illustrious designer learns more about his designs and muses.

Harper's Bazaar: Why have you consciously chosen women of colour to represent your brand?

Gaurav Gupta: Our clothes are deeper cultural statements and have a futuristic, progressive image to them and that’s where women of colour, especially from the music industry, are ready to experiment, celebrate newer forms of culture, and take more risks. It’s about deeper story telling with not just women of colour but icons and culturalists from all walks of life like Karuna Nundy and Iman Vellani. And there are other women, including Jenna Ortega, Kylie Minogue, and Sharon Stone who have worn us.

HB: Will we see GG on any non-women of colour in the future?

GG: For me, colour is by the way and not the first thing that defines anybody; it’s the brain and the heart we celebrate before we celebrate any colour.

HB: Who is the perfect GG muse? 

GG: It is somebody who thinks freely, is celebratory, travels, loves art and culture, has a sense of contributing something to the world, and is not scared to build new fantasies.

HB: What about Cardi B and Beyonce appeals to you?

GG: I think they have magnanimous personalities and are very strong women—strong but relatable. They are the women who spread joy, happiness, and a sense of freedom to the world and, who doesn't love that?