Sofia Richie Grainge's beauty evolution from quiet luxury to maternal glow

The model and entrepreneur talks to Bazaar about her beauty journey, her favourite beauty tools, looks, and more.

Harper's Bazaar India

Symbolic of the sartorial zeitgeist, over the last 12 months Sofia Richie Grainge’s profile has mushroomed, with many resonating with her ‘quiet luxury’ looks and ‘clean’ off-duty aesthetic—as well as the contemporary bridal glam worn for her nuptials to Elliott Grainge. This year, the model and entrepreneur’s world—and wardrobe—looks a little different, as she prepares to welcome a child with her music producer husband. As any mother will know, the hormones present hurdles. “There are so many things that come with pregnancy,” she tells us of the changes she’s experiencing. “It’s been intense, for sure.”

For one, her acne and rosacea returned—“like I was back in high school”—but the skincare enthusiast leaned on her dermatologist Dr Mamina Turegano to identify the best strategy for her. “My number one priority with my beauty routine right now is to try to have the healthiest skin possible. And making sure that I have the correct products to accomplish that, whether skincare or make-up,” she says. Having become a trusted voice for a new generation of skin-savvy audiences herself, Richie Grainge has just been announced as SkinCeuticals’ new global brand partner, reflecting her science-backed approach to skincare. (Naturally, she’s regimented about her routine, and loves a home gadget in lieu of her regular laser facials—which can’t be performed in pregnancy).

But besides her rituals today, Richie Grainge is eager to reflect on her beauty evolution, too—and what inspires her tastes that have garnered such influence. Below, read all about the star’s beauty philosophy and product preferences, as told exclusively to Bazaar:

On her beauty journey...

“I feel like anyone in their teenage years through to mid-20s goes through quite an evolution in beauty. You know, figuring out their lane and what they're comfortable with. I've tried everything from the heavy make-up looks to where I am today; experimenting is important when figuring out what makes you comfortable in your own skin. So yes, I've done a lot of experimenting in my day, to really feel confident in the beauty routine that I that I do now.”

On her teenage skin struggles returning in pregnancy...

“I really suffered a lot in my teenage years with acne and rosacea, and when I found out I was pregnant, it returned like I was back in high school. I really wasn't expecting it; there's so many things that come with pregnancy and it just wasn't something that I factored in.”

On the laser tool that's changed her skin...

“I discovered a tool that has drastically, drastically changed my skin, called the Lyma laser. My make-up artist Emily Cheng recommended it—I was in dire need during my first trimester when my hormones were going crazy. I use it every night before bed. I have no connection to the brand whatsoever, but it has truly changed my life—it has been a game-changer for controlling the acne and redness.

“Typically, before I was pregnant, I did a treatment once a month called Laser Genesis which helps kill bacteria on the skin and that really helped me with breakouts. Now Lyma is the one laser that I can do myself—and is not harmful in pregnancy.”

On her signature beauty look...

“I try to go for clean skin if I can, and by that, I mean not too heavy on the foundation. I love a contoured, bronzed look with a simple bronzy eye.

“I’m really into blush right now and love the Chanel powder blush in a very bright pink. I still use the Nudestix contour stick—it's just undeniably good. And the Prada foundation is really nice. I usually don't wear foundation, but because I'm having to cover more with my skin breaking out, I've been using this as the finish. It still looks like skin but gives some coverage.

“I always have to have an eyebrow gel with me no matter where I go. I use the Anastasia one that looks almost like a mascara. And right now I'm carrying blotting papers with me at all times; I'd rather that than constantly using powder on my face.”

“I colour my hair so I also try to do as many masks and oil treatments as possible when I'm off-duty. That also ties into my slick bun—I make it all look somewhat intentional, but really I'm just a greasy mess!”

On what inspires her beauty tastes...

“I really connect with European style and with France in particular—that kind of ‘less is more’, effortless approach. I use Pinterest a lot, and follow cute influencers and pick up on things that I feel connect with me. But my husband has inspired me a lot too, which is interesting. When we started dating, he'd say, ‘You're so beautiful, you don't need to do that much or wear that much make-up’ and I think it really boosted my confidence in that way. So I'm really trying to embrace myself, I guess.”

On sharing tutorials on TikTok...

“I started my TikTok so that I could connect with people and learn from people. I've learned so many beauty tricks from just watching TikToks. Also—for the first five months of being pregnant, very few of my friends knew, so it was great to be able to type in ‘11 weeks pregnant’ and see others talk about their symptoms. That's why I use these platforms; to relate to someone.

“If I ever feel like there's judgement coming with it, I just won't do it. I want to have fun with social media—I try to be myself and I am being honest. So if I ever feel like it's making me uncomfortable, I just won't do it.”

On when she feels most beautiful...

“I feel the most beautiful when I get a lot of sunlight—spending time in the ocean and getting vitamin D.

“But also when I stick to a routine that makes me feel good, incorporating movement, food and hydration as well as skincare and haircare. You know, beauty really starts with taking care of yourself. That's definitely something that I'll pass on to my daughter.”

This piece originally appeared in Harper's Bazaar UK.

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