What is sleep tourism and why should you try it

Gen Z and millennials are now taking trips purely to relax and unwind.

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If you looked at the itinerary of someone travelling to a new city, you would expect it to include everything they haven't experienced before—from local cuisines to markets, popular tourist attractions, and more. For years, people focused on exploring as much as possible during their travels. They wanted to discover everything (well, almost everything) a place had to offer, leaving very little time for rest. However, things have changed. Now, people are prioritising leisure over constant activity. 

According to a study conducted by Hilton, 64 per cent of global travellers aim to prioritise leisure travel in 2024 by reducing some of their daily expenses. Statistics show that this shift occurred post-pandemic, with Gen Z and millennials leading the trend. Clearly, this generation has got their priorities straight. 

A subset of the leisure travel trend, sleep tourism is also on the rise. It’s pretty simple—travellers are now taking a vacation specifically to relax and rejuvenate. Imagine staying at a luxurious property, getting eight hours of sleep each day, enjoying scrumptious food, and simply resting. Isn’t that all we want (and need)? Travellers are starting to tap into this sentiment, so much so that when choosing accommodations they consider properties that will enhance their quality of sleep. This is why wellness resorts with features like soundproofing and high-quality bedding are becoming increasingly popular. 

According to a study conducted by electronics company Philips, 93 per cent of people in India are sleep-deprived. Safe to say that this trend is here to change things for the better. The best part is that there are hardly any drawbacks. In fact, going on a ‘napcation’ is likely to work in your favour.

Here’s how it can help your mind.

Escape from the hustle culture 
The term 'hustle' now makes us cringe, but the truth is that many workplaces still thrive on it. Between juggling tasks at work and endless chores, one can easily forget to take a break, leading inevitably to burnout. Taking a few days off or visiting a relaxing destination can help regain efficiency at work or even break free from burnout. For example, you could book a stay by the beach or a lake. One option to consider is the Leela Palace in Udaipur, where the serenity of Lake Pichola surrounds you and helps calm your mind. If you're more of a mountain person, Vivanta by Taj in Coorg could be your pick, where you'll find yourself in the best climate, relaxing amidst greenery. It’s a much-needed escape that will help you clear your mind. 

Sky-rockets your creativity 
If you work in the creative space, we highly recommend adding at least one trip like this to your bucket list as it can boost your creativity immensely. Believe us, sometimes the most creative ideas knock on your door when you're simply doing nothing. Stepping away from your routine allows your mind to wander freely, offering newer perspectives. It's a chance to recharge your creative batteries and return inspired and rejuvenated.

Better sleep quality 
It's a golden chance for you to catch up on your sleep. The quality of our sleep directly impacts our mental and physical well-being, so we must prioritise it. This trip can rewire your brain, and you will notice changes in your routine and patterns for the better. Some wellness retreats even have special sleep programmes that guide you on how to improve your sleep quality. Properties like Six Senses, Ananda in the Himalayas, and SwaSwara in Gokarna explicitly offer such programmes that you can opt for. For those who are unfamiliar with these programmes, they offer personalised sleep assessments, Ayurvedic therapies, relaxation therapies, yoga sessions, and more that will help you improve your sleep.

What this trip can also do for you is provide valuable time for self-introspection, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and explore feelings or thoughts that you may have been avoiding. You can reflect on your goals, values, and priorities to come back with more clarity. It could even possibly leave you with a renewed sense of direction in life.

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