4 luxury bucket list destinations for 2024

From idyllic islands to ultra-modern metropolises.

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Don’t let the fact that we’re almost halfway through deceive you—opportunities for great escapes in 2024 still abound. Whether you picture yourself reclining on ivory sands, hiking up to thunderous rainforest waterfalls, or perched on a well-appointed balcony with a steady flow of sundowners, there’s a destination out there to indulge those fantasies, and this curated edit is designed to help you find the perfect match.

Bucket lists may be personal, but the appeal of these trending locations is universal, and should provide ample inspiration for even the most seasoned traveller. Read on for the destinations to bookmark for the rest of the year and beyond.



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Barbados and Saint Lucia remain trusted stalwarts, but Grenada is a star on the rise, with UK visitor numbers up 29 per cent year on year. Wafts of locally produced nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon provide olfactory delight across the island, and add a vibrant note to its signature dishes, but this heady flavour profile is just one point in a lengthy list of Grenadian joys. Secluded white sandy beaches offer sanctuary from the crowds, while the aquamarine bays are a diver’s paradise—particularly around the capital St George’s, where your scuba efforts are rewarded with a viewing of the coral-covered underwater sculpture park in Molinere Bay.

To really see Grenada in all of its glory, seeking the assistance of an expert is advisable. Audley’s new invite-only private concierge service will pair you with a dedicated travel manager to tailor your visit to your exacting specifications—whether that involves chartering a privately crewed yacht to hidden coves, or securing the primo suite at one of the island’s most exclusive properties.


Vietnam has always offered a compelling blend of cultures and styles—weathered Buddhist temples sit proudly alongside French-colonial architecture and towering skyscrapers. But the country is shedding any naive ‘backpackers-only’ preconceptions. For instance, although sampling authentic banh mi and sugary sweet Vietnamese coffee is still imperative for any first-timer, in Hanoi and its surrounding areas you’ll find more than 40 Michelin-approved restaurants, as well as a burgeoning contemporary art scene. Several elite hoteliers are investing in new Vietnamese sites, with Nobu recently unveiling plans for a Ho Chi Min City property in 2026.

For us, tastefully minimalist Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai makes the best base, as it comes with access to the most prized, palm-fringed private beach in Central Vietnam—and the tiered infinity pools that overlook it. With an Audley private travel manager compiling your itinerary, accommodation this chic comes as standard—as do perks such as intimate escorted market tours and private sampan rides along the Mekong Delta.

South Korea

If all you know of South Korea is cinema, it’s time to expand your horizons—the style set is jetting off to Seoul in its droves, and not just for the sartorial charms of shopping district Cheongdam-dong. Dip into a traditional 24-hour jjimjilbang spa, sip makgeolli—Korea’s milky-white answer to saké—at an impossibly hip city-centre bar, or rebalance your wellbeing with a guided hike up the mountains that border the city (Hallyeohaesang National Park is said to be among the most beautiful, if you need to prioritise).


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Audley offers peerless access to both the futuristic capital and the craggy, volcanic coastline; the ultimate fusion of old-meets-new. As you marvel at the rock formations on Jeju Island or adorn yourself in traditional dress, hanbok, before entering the exquisite Gyeongbokgung Palace, your private travel manager will have already anticipated your next stop; whether that’s a reservation at the latest hot-tip restaurant, a VIP room for raucous karaoke or simply a plush boutique bed for the night.


For safari seekers, Botswana retains the most exclusive spot to book, boasting unrivalled access to wildlife many can only dream of witnessing. Choose a private concession, where visitor numbers are kept intentionally small, and you’ll feel even luckier when you glimpse a rare black-maned lion through the thicket, or witness the movements of sitatunga from a mokoro boat in the floodplains of the Okavango Delta.

To elevate the experience to even more extraordinary heights, ask your Audley private travel manager to arrange a private helicopter tour, or set up a night in secluded open-air skybeds, where you’ll sleep under nothing more than a mosquito net, listening to bird calls and hyena howls below the inky sky. Their support isn’t a one-trip-only arrangement; anytime you book an Audley adventure, your manager resumes their role with existing knowledge of your preferences in situ, so with them onside, you’re already in a prime position to start planning for 2025 and beyond.

Audley Private Concierge is a dedicated service for highly aspirational travellers who seek to see more of the world. To find out more, visit

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This article originally appeared in in May, 2024. 

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