Celebrity homes that you can book for your next holiday

From Janhvi Kapoor to Leonardo Di Caprio—these artists let you live out your star fantasy.

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Have you ever dreamed of living the life of a celebrity? Imagine lounging by the pool, the same place where your favourite celebrity hosted parties. Living life the way they do, even if just for a little while? Imagine staying in the homes of your beloved idol or celebrity, where each corner tells a story of their style and passions.

Many celebrities have taken the old Spanish saying ‘mi casa es su casa’ quite literally and opened their doors to the public, allowing fans and travellers to experience their world first-hand. From the serene beaches of Goa and streets of Chennai, to cities around the world, these extravagant stays on Airbnb provide a glimpse into the lives of these celebrities on a vacation with your loved ones.

The lavish Chennai estate, previously owned by the legendary Sridevi, is the home where the actor and her sister Khushi Kapoor made many cherished memories. With lush tropical gardens and luxury bohemian interiors, this property spells comfort and exclusivity. The home offers a beautiful view of the beach and is now open to experience on Airbnb.


Known for his remarkable role in ‘Made in Heaven’, Arjun Mathur is the proud owner of The Tranquil Haven in Siolim, Goa. Perfect for a summer staycation, this apartment boasts stunning views of the lush surrounding and a private pool for ultimate relaxation. With its modern design and spacious layout, The Tranquil Haven offers guests a truly wonderful experience in the heart of India's most popular beach destination. 

This luxurious tropical Madh Island villa is located in Mumbai. It is a perfect place to stay, relax, and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the waves. The villa has four bedrooms with a big, lavish pool to unwind in and is open for bookings. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or a longer stay, this villa offers the ultimate in luxury and comfort. With stunning views and top-notch amenities, it's the ideal destination for those seeking a taste of the high life in Mumbai.

Plan a luxurious stay in the home of the beloved actor, which is nestled in Palm Springs, California. Featuring modern architecture and stylish interiors, this property is surrounded by towering palm trees, creating a serene oasis for relaxation. Immerse yourself in the glitz, glamour, and the rich history of Hollywood while enjoying the unparalleled comforts of this unique vacation rental.

Leonardo's 432hermosa
432 Hermosa / Image Credits: 432Hermosa

This romantic Villa Carmelita used to be the residence of Sonny and Cher. It is a haven of peace, situated in Palm Springs, California with its walled estate, jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor showers, roaring fireplace, and courtyard pool. Go for a getaway with your partner, experience love like the famous couple, and create unforgettable memories in this iconic setting. 


This is for all the true fans of the man and his music. You can now live lavishly at the King’s Suite in Graceland, which used to be the singer's residence. The suite screams luxury with a rich gold finish and a royal blue and purple colour palette. Indulge in the ultimate rock and roll experience with luxurious amenities fit for a king, including a private tour of Elvis Presley's iconic mansion and access to exclusive memorabilia. 


Travel back in time to the 1920s and experience living like the legendary actor of the silent film Charlie Chaplin. The luxurious bungalow is furnished with antique furniture, vintage typewriters, and boasts a neutral colour palette, reminiscent of the silent black-and-white comic era. Immerse yourself in the charm and nostalgia of a bygone era while enjoying modern comforts and personalised services fit for a Hollywood star.


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The luxurious residence is tucked away among a collection of enormous, moss-covered boulders, and is spread across seven acres of property, surrounded by walls made of granite. Because the grounds are left wild, a variety of local wildlife finds refuge there. The idea is to invite guests to feel connected to nature. The interior, on the other hand, is very modern and luxurious. This hidden gem offers a truly magical retreat for those seeking a blend of old-world charm and modern luxury.


Situated on Maui, Hawaii’s second-largest island, The Gingerbread House, owned by the rock god Jimmi Hendrix, dates back to the 1930s and features breathtaking ceilings. The cottage is surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. Whether you're seeking adventure or are looking to unwind, this hidden gem offers the perfect balance of tranquility and excitement amidst Hawaii's stunning natural beauty.

Jimmy Hendrix's Gingerbread House
Jimmi Hendrix's 1970's Gingerbread House / Image Credits: Airbnb

Last but not least, you will now get a chance to celebrate life like The Revolution’s legendary frontman, Prince, at the Purple Rain House. The house is available August onwards, and bookings will be open soon. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of a music icon and experience the magic of the Purple Rain House firsthand.


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While renting a celebrity home for your holiday is indulgent, it's also about immersing yourself in a lifestyle that's typically reserved for the elite. It's a chance to experience the glamour and extravagance that comes with being a celebrity, and creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're looking for a beachfront villa or a secluded mountain retreat, renting a celebrity home can provide a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

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