Claudia Jessie is Eloise in real life too and her press tour outfit(s) are proof

The 'Bridgerton' actress sparked a stylish rebellion against fast fashion with her bold pantsuit.

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In a culture obsessed with consumption and ever-changing fashion trends, consumers are overwhelmed trying to keep up. But most trends burn bright and fade fast, thus leaving trend entusiasts with a wardrobe with clothes they will never use (at least until the trend makes a comeback a decade or so later), a hole in their pocket. But, among them all there are some quiet rebels, who are changing these consumption pattern by repeating one outfit at a time. An outfit repeater normalises wearing the same outfit (of course, ocassionally repurposed) multiple times. Yes, even after it has made its appearance on social media. 

In fact, Claudia Jessie, who plays Eloise on Bridgerton, set a fine example of this. She wore her Stella McCartney striped blazer and pants twice in the same month for the promotion of Bridgerton season three, part two, which released recently. The cast has in the show and during the premiere in London donned stunning outfits and given us enough to talk about. Does Jessie's choice to repeat her fit make a case for conscious fashion? We think so.  

Sustainability reigns supreme

Celebrities often influence our purchase decisions and inspire our styles. By being an unapologetic outfit repeater, then, Claudia Jessie, much like her character Eloise, has made a bold statement. But the similarities between the actress and her character don't end here. Eloise is quick-witted, often questions societal norms, and is a modern coming of age woman. Jessie shares similar traits; she’s curious and always seeking knowledge beyond her immediate experience.

She first rocked the suit on May 13 at the world premiere in New York City by pairing it with green heels. Then, she wore it again on May 16 on The Late Show, in a dressed-down style. A white t-shirt, an open blazer, black shoes, and a minimalist gold neckpiece. Not to mention, the suit itself is made from recycled viscose.

True style isn’t about how often you buy new clothes but how creatively you style what you already own. "I care a lot about being as sustainable as you can, so you will see me in this suit a fair amount," Jessie told InStyle at the world premiere. She also mentioned that she prioritises pre-loved clothing, often repairs her clothes, and invests in long-lasting items.

Redefining consumption

In the past, international celebrities like Meghan Markle, Kate Moss, and Kate Middleton have also repeated outfits at events and film festivals. Closer home, repurposing outfits isn’t a foreign concept, either, among celebrities. Take for instance, Alia Bhatt, who wore her Sabyasachi ivory and gold wedding saree to the National Film Award ceremony, where seh bagged an award for her role in Gangubai Kathiawadi. Deepika Padukone has also repeated her festive Sabyasachi pieces, like the brocade kurta set she wore to the Golden Temple on her first anniversary, was what she wore for her chooda ceremony in 2018. Recently, Ratna Pathak Shah paired her old sari with a new Himroo blouse for the Cannes 2024 red carpet.


By embracing the beauty of repetition, we can redefine Gen Z’s fashion narrative and create a more compassionate approach to creative expression. Being a proud outfit repeater isn’t just a choice; it’s a statement. 

How you Can Build a Capsule Wardrobe with Timeless Pieces

Buying new outfits for every occasion is expensive and unsustainable. A smarter choice is to build a wardrobe with versatile pieces you can wear multiple times.

Here are five luxe versatile pieces to consider for a sustainable wardrobe:

Blazers (in every form)

Shantnu And Nikhil, Pistachio Crop Jacket, ₹26,500
Shantnu And Nikhil, Pistachio Crop Jacket, ₹26,500
Polo Ralph Lauren, Linen Blazer, ₹52,400
Polo Ralph Lauren, Linen Blazer, ₹52,400

Mid-rise straight-cut pants

Tory Burch Mid-Rise Slim Straight Jeans, ₹31,500
Alexander Wang, Mid-rise Straight-leg Jean in Denim, ₹37,000 approx


A midi dress

Mare Mare, Strapless Seamed A-Line Midi Dress, ₹13,362
Mare Mare, Strapless Seamed A-Line Midi Dress, ₹13,362
Nicobar, Resort Dress - Ivory & Red, ₹8,500 
Nicobar, Resort Dress - Ivory & Red, ₹8,500 

A black dress

Versace Jeans Couture, Women Black Plain Asymmetric Dress With Halter Neck, ₹75,00;
Versace Jeans Couture, Women Black Plain Asymmetric Dress With Halter Neck, ₹75,00
 Rachel Gilbert, Lukas pleat detail midi dress, ₹1,16,421
Rachel Gilbert, Lukas Pleat Detail Midi Dress, ₹1,16,421

A classic white tee

Balenciaga Cities Paris T-shirt, ₹56,499 (approx)
Kate Spade Sequin Logo Cabana Crew-Neck T-Shirt, ₹8,400

Feature Image Credits: Arturo Holmes/Staff

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