Katrina Kaif on valuing time, being punctual, and embracing the present

The actor, in an exclusive interview with Bazaar India, talks about the shift in how audiences engage with films and the importance of changing with time.

Harper's Bazaar India

Katrina Kaif is best known as a superstar who has embraced the power of the present and seized every opportunity that came her way. With her immaculate style and sophistication, the actor has carved her path to stardom with sheer will, hard work, and merit. She has conquered challenges and created her own space in the industry.

The actor, who recently joined Swiss watchmaker Rado as its brand ambassador, talks to Bazaar India about evolving with the changing times, her favourite watch, fashion trends she loves and hates, and a lot more.

Harper’s Bazaar: How do Rado watches resonate with you?

Katrina Kaif: Their commitment to quality deeply resonates with me and reflects my journey in the entertainment industry. Many people were instrumental in my journey—directors, producers, choreographers, friends, advisors, and people along the way who pointed out what I needed to improve. The guidance helped me hone my skills and understand my strengths. In my career, I have always strived for excellence and constantly pushed the boundaries. I believe that attention to detail, precision, and a dedication to perfecting one's art is paramount, and these are the same principles that Rado embodies in its watchmaking.

Just as Rado, I, too, strive to evolve and adapt in an ever-changing industry. This parallel pursuit of excellence has taught me that, like Rado's watches, the art of storytelling and performance can also stand the test of time when it is crafted with skill, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

HB: We live in a world where trends evolve and change in the blink of an eye. What is that one fashion trend you love and one you wish you never see again?

KK: I love floral prints and colourful dresses as it allows for a lot of creativity and self-expression. And though it's not a trend, I’d like to see the negativity on social media in response to something topical disappear. I think it is unkind to individuals and circumstances. 

HB: One often asks actors how they have changed with time, but do you feel that audiences have changed with time? 

KK: The audience has indeed evolved over time. I've noticed a shift in the way they engage with films and characters. With the advent of technology and social media, there's a more direct and immediate connection with fans. They're more vocal about their opinions and the feedback is quicker. Today, audiences seem to appreciate a wider variety of stories and are more open to diverse and unconventional narratives. It's a fascinating transformation and adds a new dynamic to the relationship between actors and their audience.

HB: Do you remember any instance from your childhood or a recent memory where you learned about the value of time? 

KK: I've had quite a few instances that taught me the value of time. One childhood memory that stands out is when I eagerly waited for my birthday every year. As a child, it felt like it took forever for that special day to arrive, but as I grew older, I realised how swiftly time passes. In my career, I often realise the importance of time management—there's a constant need to balance work and personal life, and it has taught me to cherish every moment and make the most of my time. Time truly is a precious and finite resource and I've learned to appreciate it more as I've grown.

HB: Tell us about a watch that is one of your most prized possessions.

KK: It was a special moment in my life when I acquired my very first timepiece, a beautiful Rado watch. It was a stunning piece with a sleek, minimalist design and it caught my eye instantly. I cherished that Rado watch, not only for its exceptional craftsmanship, but also for the sentimental value it held. It was a symbol of a new chapter in my life and I wore it proudly on many significant occasions.

HB: Who between you and Vicky is the more punctual one? 

KK: I would say both of us. 

HB: Which is your favourite watch from the brand’s collection?

KK: I love the new Centrix range. It is designed for the modern-day woman who withstands the test of time, essence of style, and sophistication; believes in embracing the power of timeless moments; and seizes every opportunity that lies ahead of her. 

HB: Have you ever been fascinated by time travel? Did a film like Baar Baar Dekho make you wish you could travel to the future and back to the past? 

KK: The concept of time travel has always fascinated me. The idea of experiencing different eras, witnessing historical events or getting a glimpse of the future is intriguing. If it were possible, I'd love to travel to the past, particularly to the significant historical moments to gain a deeper understanding of our world's history. It would be a unique opportunity to learn and appreciate the past. As for travelling to the future, I'd be curious to see how the world has evolved, especially in terms of technology and society.  

HB: What are Katrina Kaif's best three tips to always be on time?

KK: Being punctual is a valuable habit, and here are my top three tips for always being on time:

Plan ahead: One of the most effective ways to be on time is to plan your day in advance. Create a schedule or to-do list, allowing ample time for each task and accounting for potential delays. This preparation helps you stay organised and minimises the chances of running late.

Set reminders: In today's digital age, we have the advantage of using alarms and reminders on our phones and devices. Use them to your advantage. Set alarms for important appointments or tasks so you receive timely notifications, keeping you on track.

Respect the clock: Treat time with the respect it deserves. Cultivate the habit of arriving a little early for appointments or commitments. This buffer allows for unexpected delays and ensures you're not rushing or stressing about being late.

Punctuality not only reflects professionalism but also shows respect for other people's time. It's a habit that can greatly enhance both your personal and professional life.