Bipasha Basu writes on her journey through pregnancy and impending motherhood

Bipasha Basu reflects on her journey from the moment she found out she was pregnant to experiencing the many changes in her body, routine and lifestyle.

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It was a surreal moment when I found out I was pregnant. We were waiting for our blood work results to arrive, just trying to stay calm and hope for a ‘positive’ result. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, when I got the results, it took a few seconds for my brain to comprehend what I saw. I called Karan and we both were just the way we always are. We felt a wave of contentment. The first thing we did was rush to my mother’s house since she had been praying for this for a very long time. I remember the moment when we told her vividly—there were so many emotions flying around. We laughed. We cried. It was almost dreamlike. I was not surprised by the news though. Grateful and amazed? Yes, but not surprised. I believed we would have a baby soon and it has been my focus for a long time now. Our prayers had finally been heard.

I’ve always been an organization machine. Planning and attempting to stay one step ahead at all times. And this pregnancy also happened at the right time for us. I believe that you have to be a thousand per cent sure of yourself before deciding to have a baby. My husband, Karan Singh Grover, and I are at that point. We waited a few years to focus on our relationship. We’ve grown as a couple and as individuals in a marriage. Now, we are responsible enough to take the next step and start a family. 


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No amount of planning was going to prepare me for what came next though. The first few months of my pregnancy were extremely difficult. People talk about morning sickness, I was sick all day long. Either I was on my bed or in the loo. I could barely eat and I’d lost a lot of weight. It was only after a few months went by that I felt this horrible wave of sickness subside. I didn’t get any intense cravings, my body isn’t wired like that. Although, in small bursts, I would crave salty and be repelled by anything sweet. Which was a change since normally my sweet-tooth works on overdrive. But alas, it’s clearly not what the baby wants. 

Other than completely silencing my sweet tooth, this pregnancy hasn’t changed my diet that much. I’ve always eaten balanced meals. There is a little of everything—carbs, fats, proteins, lean meats, fruits and veggies. I ensure the roughage is good and keep myself hydrated. However, while there wasn’t a drastic change for me, there were challenges. In fact, I had to consciously stop working out and training which was more difficult for me than I thought it would be since I had to learn how to just lie down, relax and put my feet up instead of being the over-active, in-control person that I have always been.

It’s not as easy to chill out when you’re used to constant multitasking. Right now, the only workout I am doing is breathing exercises, a little face yoga, a few stretches and small, gentle walks. I also strongly believe in the power of meditation. Every time I meditate, my day is just so much better. This is basically my fitness routine for the moment. It’s light and breezy, just how it’s supposed to be. And over time, I have come to terms with changes in my body as week after week, I saw my body transform which has been amazing. 

The way I dress has also changed with my changing body. Right now, I am team ‘comfort clothing’. I know the trend right now is pregnant women showing off their baby bumps in tight clothes and while that looks so adorable, it’s not for me. Not all trends need to be followed, right? Everything in my current wardrobe is free and flowy. I am loving kaftans and a lot of the time, I steal Karan’s oversized shirts which are just perfect. I am not focusing on my maternity wear that much as health and preparing for this huge change on the horizon is a priority. 


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What works in our favour is that both Karan and I lead pretty simple, low-key lives. We are homebodies, early risers and early sleepers. We socialize very rarely and try and be as healthy as we can. All that isn’t going to change with the arrival of this baby though. What is going to drastically shift are our priorities. Especially considering our work is so demanding. That is the only arena of our life I see changing. However, I am not going to quit working. I feel very strongly about my career and I, baby in tow, want to get back as soon as the doctors give me a green light. Work-life balance, here I come! 

It’s crazy how much a small baby needs, so I have already started preparing and prepping because that list is endless. I’ve made an excel sheet to keep track of everything. My husband makes fun of it but I need everything to be perfectly in place. Everything in our house now belongs to the baby. Everywhere is a ‘baby zone’. Nothing is for just me and Karan anymore!   

My biggest hope is for this baby to be happy, healthy, and someone who makes a difference in the world. That’s all every mother wants, right? My parents brought me up to be a good, responsible person. And most of what children learn comes from observing their parents. So, I hope my baby gets the best parts of Karan and me.