Bella Hadid might convince you to wear a micro miniskirt and platform loafers to your nine-to-five

She has mastered the office siren trend.

Harper's Bazaar India

As Bella Hadid continues with the launch of her new fragrance brand, Orebella, she is also showing a new business side of herself—both professionally and sartorially.

On Thursday in New York City, the supermodel was spotted wearing a fresh-off-the-runway look from Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2024 ready-to-wear collection, the envy of any It girl who wants to emulate the office siren at their own nine-to-five.

In particular, this fit eschewed the oversize trend that has dominated street style for years now (no massive boxy blazers to be found here, thanks!). Instead, Hadid wore a fitted single-breasted blazer in a slate-gray tone, paired with a matching micro miniskirt that showed off miles of her legs. For her top, she wore a loose camel T-shirt, primly tucked into her skirt. Her choice of footwear only upped the ante via a pair of platform loafers bearing the Italian fashion house’s iconic monogram print.

Bella Hadid

Hadid accessorised with yet more Gucci, including a slick cherry-red bucket bag and a black belt with a buckle featuring an interlocking double G. She finished it off with thin-rimmed oval eyeglasses and glossy gold pendant earrings.

Bella Hadid

The Orebella founder shared a glimpse of her personal corporate style earlier this week, in an Instagram post that included snaps from inside the fragrance company’s offices. She wore a range of cool staples, including a pleated blazer, a quilted jacket, a patterned red-and-white dress, and plenty of stretchy yoga headbands.

Hadid recently caught up with Harper’s Bazaar about what inspired her to create Orebella. “I never had a fragrance I was so obsessed with that made me feel unique and different. I started making my own and started making decks about it. Then, all of a sudden, I had conversations with myself about my future and, like, what excited me, and it really was bringing something that was so personal to me to the world, and having the opportunity for people to see my heart and my brain,” she said. “Creating Orebella was the best form of therapy, especially just using my brain again and educating myself on different things and knowing the business behind all of this, but also being able to stay true to who I am.”

Feature Image Credits: MEGA, GOTHAM // GETTY

This article originally appeared in April, 2024.

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