The Gucci Cruise Collection 2025 celebrates the influence of London on the fashion house's identity

The debut Cruise show by Sabato de Sarno at Tate Modern featured some of his signature styles interspersed with Gucci's heritage.

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The world of high fashion and art converged at the historic Tate Modern in London as Gucci showcased its Cruise Collection 2025, under the creative direction of Sabato de Sarno. 

After Gucci’s last showcase in Seoul, one might wonder, why London? Gucci’s new creative director, Sabato de Sarno spoke about it in a press release saying, “I owe a lot to this city, it has welcomed and listened to me.” He uses his memories of the city—the people he met, the places he visited—to create a fresh narrative that reflects Gucci’s legacy and its relationship with the city of London. 

While Sarno credits his visits to London, fashion moguls know about the city’s influence in shaping the brand’s identity. Founder Guccio Gucci, who worked at The Savoy as a bellboy, was deeply immersed in the city’s vibrant and diverse culture and took these influences back to Italy, which ultimately shaped the identity of Gucci.

Through the new Cruise collection, Sarno celebrates the fusion of contrast—rigour and extravagance, English essence and Italian accents, workwear and street style with high fashion, and so on. The result? Tailored short coats with soft chamomile flower motifs, 3-D laser-cut organza, and hand-moulded sequins with chiffons, ruffles, and lace. All this, without compromising comfort; models were seen strutting down the ramp in ballerinas and creepers. Sarno played around with British symbols like tartans and tailoring and paired them alongside Gucci emblems, giving the ensembles a reimagined look for a new generation.

The collection is an interplay of high fashion and art, and Tate Modern truly was the perfect backdrop for the showcase, given its history and significance in art, heritage, and culture. One of the most popular attractions for tourists and art enthusiasts alike, the building once showcased the brilliant works of Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol, to name a few. “Tate Modern is the perfect cross-section to narrate the city's essence, with its great Turbine Hall that welcomes and gathers everyone, and with the Tanks, generators of ideas,” Sarno adds. 

But the collaboration does not end at the Cruise show. Gucci has entered a three-year collaboration with Tate Modern with the intention of promoting Tate’s work among young creatives and fostering growth and commitment among the community. Additionally, Gucci will also lend its support to the Electric Dreams exhibition, which will unfold in the fall at Tate. 

All images: Gucci 

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