Honey lips is the new trend taking over social media and here's how you can create the look

It's as pretty as it sounds!

Harper's Bazaar India

If I'm being honest, I am tired of keeping up with beauty trends. Yes, it’s part of my job description, but it’s exhausting to chase these fleeting lip and blush hacks that social media (Re. TikTok) throws at us almost daily. From the strawberry girl aesthetic and clean girl beauty, to latte make-up, these trends pop up faster than popcorn does in a microwave. Okay, we are exaggerating for effect, but you see my point? However, I won’t deny that every now and then there comes a trend that is just too pretty to ignore. And today we are talking about one that has us fascinated—Honey Lips. 

Inspired by (you guessed it) honey, this trend is as sweet and not at all as sticky as it sounds. It was coined by TikTok content creator, Eva Larosa, earlier this year and has since been tried by beauty junkies all over the world. A gloss and golden eyeshadow are the two main ingredients of this recipe. Are you ready to have shimmery and luscious-looking lips? 

We’re going to break it down for you in four easy steps. Don’t worry it’s one of the easiest looks to recreate and it looks oh-so-pretty!  

How to recreate the honey lips look

Step 1: Exfoliation 

The first step to achieving honey-dripping lips is to scrub away all the dead cells and dry flakes. To achieve any lip look, you need to have a smooth canvas. You can also make a DIY scrub by mixing honey and sugar together and massaging it in a circular motion all over your lips. 

Step 2: Gold eyeshadow  

Once your lips are soft and supple, it's time to get your shine on. You can do this by using some golden eyeshadow on your pout. With your fingertip, apply it at the centre of your lips. Focus on your cupid’s bow and the middle of your lower lip. To avoid the mess, use a golden liquid eyeshadow. That way you can control the application as well.   

Step 3: Lip liner  

Next, take a neutral or pinkish-hued lip liner and define your lips. You can use a darker brown if you want some extra definition. You can top this with a coat of nudish lipstick but this is totally optional. 

Step 4: Gloss, gloss, gloss!  

Finally, the most crucial step to achieving lips like dripping honey—gloss. A lip oil will also do the trick while also hydrating your lips. To give the whole look a boost, you could use a gloss with a goldish tint!