Ten spots you should eat at if you're in Paris for the Olympics

Here are the epicurean experiences you must bookmark in between the adventurous escapades.

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In the City of Lights, renowned for its culinary artistry, intertwined with innate romanticism, dining is not just another meal, but rather an experience. As Paris prepares itself to host the world's largest sporting event, drawing 15,000 Olympic athletes, 26,000 media representatives, and an audience that has purchased 13.4 million tickets, indeed, there are a lot of experiences to be made. 

Fuelling the adventure brimming in the city, which can never be banal, we present you the most delightful gastronomic landscapes, beckoning a medley of Michelin-starred marvels, charming brasseries, and innovative eateries. Prebook these coveted tables, for we are sure that you wouldn’t want to miss out on them. 

1. Ritz Paris


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The Ritz has always been synonymous with opulence, offering a gamut of experiential dining. From the Michelin-starred L’Espadon restaurant, delivering a cross-continental culinary experience with nuanced flavours of reminiscence and intimacy by the new chef Eugénie Béziat; to Le Grand Brunch, a celebrated fixture for a refined buffet paired with soft melodies—one can always head to the Ritz and find themselves at the helm of the best tastemakers across the globe. Additionally, the Ritz offers Bar Vendôme, embodying the life of the French capital through its brasserie reverie, and Bar Hemingway, which puts forth an intersection of eponymous adventurous tales and charming, authentic cocktails. With so much more available under the roof of the Ritz, its festive gourmet and enticing retreat is a must-visit during your Olympic travels.

2. Bonnie Restaurant Club

Perched atop the Morland Tower with the entirety of Paris beneath it, Bonnie has successfully reinvented dining experiences. Offering a fusion of old charm and contemporary glee, its ambience is a welcoming blend for anyone wishing to enjoy a celebratory night with iconic Parisian food presented in a New York-inspired rendition. After an eventful day at the Olympics, Bonnie promises either a relaxing cocoon or an echo of clinking glasses with classic cocktails from the '60s. Whatever the mood you’re in, you are sure to experience Paris like never before.

3. Matignon Paris

A theatrical awakening of sorts, combined with fine food and an unparalleled ambience, Le Matignon is an all-day affair in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Offering exquisite meals throughout the day, their club opens its doors for evenings filled with laughter, chatter, and dancing, inviting all of the capital, and even more so the tourists around, to find an abode in the city that speaks to them in the language of Paris. With its warm embrace, the place promises a night of magic, moments, and memories. 

4. Kong 


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If you're in Paris for the games and caught at a loss of time for sightseeing, welcome to Kong—a symphony of delicate cuisine and audacious views. On the 5th floor of a Haussmann building, the place offers a different view from each window, including the Pont Neuf, the Art Deco Samaritaine, the Art Nouveau by Frantz Jourdain, the Seine, the headquarters of Louis Vuitton, and so much more. A fusion of Paris and Tokyo, the cuisine is invigorating and the atmosphere is coveted by all.


When gastronomy transcends from being the destination to the voyager, it becomes a catalyst for gatherings and conversation, nourishing and bringing people together. JÒIA is one such place, thriving on the motto of happiness and simplicity. A home away from home, curated by Hélène Darroze, JÒIA is an ongoing conversation about cuisine that speaks to all, with a menu featuring delicacies from London, New York, and Spain, all imbued with the love of a grandmother’s recipe. Satiate your epicurean soul in a setting where conversations drag on and time is forgotten. 

6.  Le Grand Café Fauchon

It is not uncommon for weary travellers and Olympic watchers to lose track of time and find themselves with peculiar cravings. Enter Le Grand Café Fauchon, an opulent space with the single goal of gastronomical pleasure at its core. Be it a snack, a cocktail, or a multi-course meal, the staff promises an indulgent spread at any time of the day. Boasting a vivid legacy since 1886, it innovates over 300 dishes annually, with a repertoire of pastries, chocolates, teas, and coffees alongside a collection of seasonal dishes. The signature dishes of scallops with strawberries or mango and shrimp or foie gras cooked in champagne have never failed to herald unanimous accolades. 

7. Au Pied de Cochon

Whether the games end at odd hours or you crave a good traditional meal after a night of partying, we recommend this iconic brasserie located in Les Halles, a stone's throw from the Saint-Eustache church. Open throughout the day except from 5am to 8am, it welcomes its patrons with the old charm of Paris, authentic and unadulterated. From pork delicacies to seafood platters, their dishes are as daring as their way of feasting. Think cold meats and cheese on beautiful terraces and savouring the Périgourdine-style stuffed pig's trotter. Its nickname, "belly of Paris," befits it well.

8. Restaurant Ciel de Paris 

Offering the best view in Paris as a souvenir from the dining experience, Ciel de Paris promises a night of enriching cultural grandeur. Situated in the Montparnasse Tower, it offers a panoramic view up to 40 km, encompassing the Champ de Mars, the École Militaire, and the Eiffel Tower. Offering a seating for 145 guests, with all tables next to windows and balconies, it creates the ambience of a widescreen, enchanting its patrons to watch the ever-changing live performance of the City of Light. A feast for the tongue and the soul! 

9. Le Bristol Paris

A gem in the crown of the finest hotel chains, Le Bristol is indeed a bastion of fine cuisine, with dishes both innovative and traditional. Home to four Michelin stars, its allure is all about splendour and glory. Our recommendation is to reserve a day just to dine at their collection of eateries. Epicure, a three-Michelin-star venue renowned for its exquisite French cuisine, and the jovial Michelin-starred 114 Faubourg for opulent dining are just their crown jewels. Head to Café Antonia if you're in the mood for casual refreshments, or to Le Jardin Français for a glass of discerning wine amidst scenic greenery. For an intimate refuge with drinks in the dark, Le Bar du Bristol is the perfect choice.

10. L'Olivier

Presenting the comfort of French cuisine with southern accents, L'Olivier delivers an indulgent feast in every plate. Located in the 18th arrondissement, it opens its doors from a late breakfast at 11am to warm, cordial dinners until midnight. Throughout, it offers a bohemian, tropical atmosphere where people of all ages find affinity within its walls. With a plethora of options that combine traditional roots and modern presentations, you are sure to find yourself gastronomically stimulated in this setting, abounding with love.

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