Healthy snacks you need to stock up your desk drawer with

Binge, but on health foods.

Harper's Bazaar India

Long hours at the desk, sometimes without breaks, are almost a given at most workplaces. And while it impacts your work-life balance and restricts you from having a social life, it also affects your health greatly. You not only end up living a sedentary lifestyle, but also eating a lot of junk and less nutritious food for you may have easy access to it or may find it difficult to carry home food. This lifestyle masquerades itself as being quick and efficient, but in reality, it’s a recipe for long-term health damage.
Is there a way around it? Enter brands that manufacture healthy packaged foods. Sure, the work is not going to stop, but these healthy, nutritious and tasty snacks will help you get by through the hectic schedule a little more consciously. It is time to stock up those desk drawers and snack without guilt.

Manju and Shreya Jain, a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo realised the true potential of crackers and launched Rightcrunch. The brand provides a variety of flavours customised for the Indian palate including bhakarwadi, mathri, til gud, and thepla, among others. All the crackers are baked, made with 100% millets, and void of refined sugar.

Righcrunch delivers across India and you can find them here.

The Whole Truth

Shashank Mehta, the founder's purpose behind this brand, as the name suggests, was to ensure consumers knew 'the whole truth' about the ingredients they were consuming. Their extensive range of products includes chocolates, protein bars, muesli, nut butters, and energy bars. Their products have no added sugar and include dried fruits, oats, whey protein, and other healthy, and incredibly delicious  ingredients. Their website takes you on a complete journey from production to consumption for each product and explicitly describes every ingredient used.

The Whole Truth delivers pan India and you can find them here


Mumbai’s most famous organic bistro, which boasts three outlets across the city, is helmed by Vanika Chaudhary. People know and love Sequel for their mouthwatering and guilt-free dishes. Apart from dining options, they also have a range of products you can buy at the restaurants. This includes snacks like granola, cookies, and laddoos, albeit in a healthier version. We highly recommend the raw granola bar.

Sequel delivers pan India and you can find them here.  

Nourish Organics

Seema Jindal, a health nutritionist, and staunch believer in plant-based nutrition, saw a gap in the market and started Nourish Organics in 2008. It focused on providing all-natural, organic, ready-to-eat products. They provide cookies, trail mixes, muesli, granola, crackers, and protein bars, and Indian snacks like poha to choose from. Their products are lab-tested to ensure they are organic. The brand ensures there is not one dominant ingredient and that each product comprises multiple ingredients in quantities that will benefit the body.

Nourish Organics delivers pan India and you can find them here.
All Seven Days

Developed by two sisters, All Seven Days aims to help you create a healthy, nutritional lifestyle every single day. The aim was to have products that could be staples in the kitchen and be tiffin-friendly. Apart from the regular granola and cookies, they also make products like nachos, sweet potato fries, and nankhatai. The founder, Ankita Chawla’s favourites are the roasted almond and pecan biscotti and the nankhatai.

All Seven Days delivers pan India and you can find them here.  

Protein Bake Shop

If you are health-conscious but love a good dessert, this is the brand you must trust. Their products include truffles in various flavours, spreads like salted caramel and toffee nut, and even peanut butter in different flavours. The products are all gluten-, lactose-, and sugar-free, and are meant to help you gain muscle by serving a balanced carb-to-protein ratio.

Protein Bake Shop stocks in UAE, UK, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and India and you can find them here