5 podcasts to tune into if you want to travel the world from your couch

These audio shows give a new meaning to armchair travelling.

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As much as we’d like to travel more often, it can be hard to take time out from our busy lives. Enter: travel podcasts. They instantly transport us to a different destination through immersive storytelling and compel us to daydream about our future trips, even if we might be engaged in a mundane activity like folding laundry or commuting to work.

Below, we’ve rounded up the five we can’t stop listening to. 

The Musafir Stories

India, with its diversity in landscape and culture, is a traveller’s heaven. This podcast aims to explore the depths of the country through detailed episodes that document the experiences of fellow travellers. The brainchild of Bengaluru-based businessman Saif Omar and his wife Faiza, it has everyone from storytellers, to bloggers and adventurers spilling the beans on their explorations through beaches, mountains, and forests. 

Women Who Travel 

Travel has long been a male-dominated arena, with safety issues and stigma stopping women from enjoying it the same way men do. Yet, women have always been part of it, and the Women Who Travel podcast by Condé Nast Traveller shines a light on exactly that. Their editor, Lale Arikoglu, who hosts the podcast, interviews female guests and brings to the fore their unique travel experiences and memorable stories. It’s a must-listen for travel enthusiasts who want to get an intersectional, nuanced perspective on the subject. 

Zero To Travel 

Travel can mean different things to people and each person has their reason for travelling. Podcaster Jason Moore digs deep into this concept by centering his show on various travel perspectives and nifty tips and tricks that will benefit everyone from a travel newbie to frequent fliers. Some podcast episodes are dedicated to answering listener queries and reacting to fan mail. Tune in every week to an hour-long episode that could range from an insider’s tour of Ireland to a beginner’s guide to the van life in Europe. 

Field Recordings

This podcast takes travelling vicariously to the literal level. It consists of travellers turning on their microphones and standing in the middle of fields (or places that can be counted as one) to capture the many sounds of the place—think a beach on the coast of Greenland, the tropical rainforests of Sri Lanka, or the bustling streets of Jenin in Palestine. The result is compelling, awe-inspiring, and makes for a unique listening experience. Close your eyes and be transported!

Indie Travel Podcast

Are you a seasoned backpacker? Or have you just started travelling on the road? Either way, the Indie Travel Podcast will arm you with advice, tips, and suggestions to live the nomadic life. Started by Kiwi couple Linda and Craig Martin in 2006, the podcast covers everything from accommodations and reviews, to practical information on backpacking equipment. Whether you are looking for things to do in New Zealand, the essentials your carry-on bag should have, or the best cities for budget travellers, this podcast is your go-to. 

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