Why crying is so important for our emotional wellbeing

It's all about cathartic healing.

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All of us have different emotional responses to various difficult situations. Along with that, we consciously or subconsciously follow coping mechanisms that we deem perfect for us. But sometimes, being emotionally neglected pushes us to harden up and not let anything make us feel things. We still feel, but it’s all internalised as we numb our emotional reactions to things. As much as people ask you not to shed years, crying is actually good for us. 

There was a phase when I just couldn’t cry—irrespective of the reasons that should make me want to. And I realised that the entire phase of me pretending to not have tear glands did nothing to heal me. It was only after I actually cried it out that I started on my journey of healing. I didn’t stop embracing my vulnerability there. Although you won’t catch me crying at work, if something fills my heart, I don’t stop the process of catharsis from happening. 

Why do people ask a person crying to stop doing so? Let them cry, let them feel and just let them know crying doesn’t make you weak. 

Here’s why crying is actually good for your emotional well-being.

Emotional release

Crying allows us to release and express our emotions, providing a cathartic release of built-up feelings such as sadness, frustration, or grief. It can help us process and cope with challenging experiences. Once you let it all out, your heart feels lighter. This also allows you to heal. 

Stress reduction

Crying can help reduce stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation and decreases tension. It helps regulate our emotions and promotes a sense of calm. Do you know that feeling of strength after crying for hours? It makes you feel like through your tears, all the stress has flown out of your system.

Mood improvement

Crying triggers the release of endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in the brain, which can elevate our mood and provide a sense of relief. It can help alleviate emotional pain and promote a sense of emotional well-being. Get a good cry when you feel overwhelmed. It will not only give you a post-tear glow but also make you feel ready to take on the world.

Social support

Tears often elicit empathy and support from others. When we cry, it signals to others that we are in need of comfort and understanding, leading to social connection and support, which is beneficial for our emotional well-being. Sometimes, you may not ask for comfort. But by crying, the other person understands just how deeply you feel. 

Emotional awareness and insight

Crying can enhance our self-awareness and provide insights into our emotions and underlying issues. It allows us to reflect on and better understand our feelings, fostering personal growth and emotional intelligence. Sometimes, you end up crying and you don’t know why something is hurting you so much. But you cried, which should be considered as cue to introspect further.