What is divine feminine energy and how can you channel it?

Embrace your inner Gaia.

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Most of us have grown up within spaces, structures, and institutions that have for long been dominated by patriarchal and masculine energies. We have been conditioned into believing the superiority of ‘his’ and ‘him,’ and the less-than nature of femininity that propelled it into the shadows of preconceived notions. But there exists a feminine counterpart to the patriarchal energy, which can be sought within us—if only we look hard enough. 

This divine feminine energy has been repressed and overshadowed, yet, existed for centuries in the Goddesss-like forms of Aphrodite and Gaia of Greek scriptures and Parvati and Shakti in the Indian context. Now, this may sound mystical, overtly mythical, and whimsical even, but think of Beyonce, Rihanna or any other pop-culture icons that have embraced their femininity in all its glory. Simply put: divine feminine energy goes beyond its divine definitions and theological notions. Allow us to break it down for you as Radhi Devlukia, Anjali Tyagi, and Sharmilee Kapur share their best secrets. 

What is divine feminine energy? 

Most often associated with softness, stillness, and an overarching calmness, divine feminine energy is related to the compassion we hold in our hearts. Angel healer and life coach, Anjali Tyagi says, “Divine feminine energy is a spiritual and cultural concept embodying qualities associated with femininity such as intuition, empathy, nurturing, creativity, and interconnectedness. It's a complementary aspect of divine masculine energy, aiming for balance and harmony.” It is important to remember, however, that the divine feminine or masculine energies are not associated with any particular gender or sex. According to Director of the Atmantan Wellness Centre, Dr Sharmilee Kapur, they co-exist within every being and everything—much like the yin and yang. 

Why is it important to tap into it? 

Before we understand why it is important to tap into the divine feminine energy and the impact that it can have on our lives, it may help to explore the various nuances and elements that encompass the feminine. According to an article in Tiny Rituals, “Many of the divine feminine qualities are centred on themes of the inner world—intuition compassion, nurturing, creativity, and sensuality.”

The divine masculine and feminine energy are meant to co-exist in a harmonious balance—which can enable us to live in a compassionate and rational manner. However, in a world that seems to be running high on butch energy and is often unfairly tilted towards patriarchal and masculine structures, tapping into the divine feminine energy can allow us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. “It invokes our creativity, our emotions, and receptivity. Feminine energy is important, it’s the energy that helps you feel grounded and nurtured and helps you to connect to yourself, God and others around you deeper,” says author of JoyFull, Radhi Devlukia. 

“Accessing this energy enhances emotional resonance, raising vibrational frequencies for manifesting intentions. By embracing intuition, nurturing intentions, and fostering a deep connection with the universe. Its nurturing essence amplifies the power of thought and emotion, accelerating the materialisation of desires. This energy encourages individuals to trust their inner wisdom and embrace their creative capacity to shape their reality. On a societal level, it promotes collaboration, inclusivity, and compassion, potentially catalysing positive social change,” says Tyagi. 

How can you channelise it into your daily routine? 

Now that we know how divine feminine energy can help us navigate various aspects of life, it will also help to know how this energy can be best channeled. “By recognising and nurturing this energy, one can awaken a profound connection to self and surroundings,” says Tyagi, “And there are many ways to achieve this.” 

Develop a self-care routine: Self-care and wellness practices such as journaling and meditation will not only help you connect with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions but also centre and ground yourself. “Doing a short Abhyanga massage every evening—oiling and massaging your body or even just your scalp and feet can do wonders for your mind and body,” says Devlukia. 

Connect with nature: According to Devlukia, “We are part of nature—we don’t just live in it. Connecting back to the environment we are part of is very important.” 
Emotional release: Recognising, acknowledging, and processing your emotions and feelings is also another way to channelise softer, empathetic, and compassionate energy within you. “Also not suppressing our emotions and feelings is something we should do when needed to better channelise this feminine energy,” says Kapur. 
Bring feminine energy where masculine energy dominates: “We often think when in situations where masculine energy is dominating that we have to contribute to it in the same way, but actually seeing the power of the feminine divine and providing that actually helps to create balance,” says Devlukia. “As humans we are part female and part male; even within us it is the female energy that roots the male energy so one should make sure they embrace it with all their sensibilities,” adds Kapur. 

May this be your sign to embrace, own, and channel your own divine feminine energy amid dominating forces of the patriarchy and masculinity.