Ways to recharge your emotional batteries

Stop your brain from glitching!

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We are living through challenging times. Our daily to-do list is longer than our travel bucket list. It takes a lot to just get through the day and sometimes it feels like you’re trapped under a large boulder. You feel fatigued, demotivated, frustrated and irritable. Coffee isn’t helping and it feels like your brain is glitching. If you can relate then it’s time to recharge those emotional batteries. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have sockets to plug ourselves in. However, when you feel like your emotional battery is draining faster than an old iPhone, here are a few ways you can recharge! 

Keep all technology away  
The first you need to do to recharge your emotional batteries is to keep all your screens away. This means no mindless doom-scrolling or midnight binge-watching. Even if it feels relaxing to sprawl out on your couch hogging popcorn and watching a cheap thrills reality show, your mind and body need a break from absorbing an overload of content.   

Another reason why you need to keep all your devices at bay is that social media plays a major role in draining our batteries. Sure, it gives us a peak into other’s lives but things aren’t always what they seem. Watching others living seemingly perfect lives can leave you feeling like you’re not doing enough or that you have to match a certain standard which isn’t healthy. 

The bottom line is that to recharge your emotional batteries, you need to keep all your screens at a one-arm distance. 

Declutter and organise 
No one is saying you need to impersonate Monica Geller on the daily but if you’re living in a cluttered space you won’t be able to clear your head. In order to do that, you need to do a little cleaning and decluttering. If your computer desktop is making you anxious or if your wardrobe junk drawer makes you overwhelmed, throw out everything that no longer serves a purpose. Marie Kondo-ing your space is almost therapeutic. It will help you declutter your mind and recharge your drained emotional batteries.  

Treat yourself 
One of the most relaxing things to do is to treat yourself to whatever it is that gives you the most joy. Could be a day at the spa, a simple meal by yourself, curling up with a good book or shopping for things you know you’re barely going to use. Even treating yourself to a nap helps. The idea is to indulge in something that makes you truly happy and makes you feel at ease. Spend a little time with yourself and watch your emotional batteries go from scary red to soothing green.  

Avoid multitasking 
Our generation is hard-wired to believe that unless we are multitasking, we aren’t being productive enough. However, when you feel like your emotional batteries are dragging on the ground multitasking only makes you feel more drained. It adds to the stress and makes you prone to making mistakes. Instead, focus on one task and don’t take up anything else unless that is complete and closed. Make a checklist of your accomplishments and remember to not over-exert yourself.