Six splendid tracks that have struck the right note with Raveena Aurora

The American songwriter shares her biggest musical influences, the tracks she is currently grooving to, and how she discovers new songs. Tune in.

Harper's Bazaar India

Born to Indian-Punjabi immigrants, Raveena Aurora shot to fame when her debut EP, Shanti, was released independently in 2017. Followed by the critically-acclaimed 2019 debut of her first album, 'Lucid', and then another EP called Moonstone, Aurora has repeatedly been met with positive reviews. And having spent a lot of time producing music back-to-back, the singer shares, “There’s a lot of music in my vault that’s looking for the right home, as well as the right time...”


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For Aurora, music is her “life’s biggest love.” “It has saved me, and it’s my religion,” she shares with Bazaar India. Considering herself a “student of music”, Aurora is a keen learner as she enjoys all genres. “I am influenced by all kinds of music—from indie-rock to R&B, and psych-rock to pop and folk... I think there is a certain sweetness and romanticism to all the music I love and enjoy.” In her quest to find new tracks, Aurora frequently turns to radio discoveries on Apple, Spotify, and Radio, and she discloses that her favourite approach is “when my friends recommend me something.”

One of her friends recommended American rapper Dijon’s album, 'Absolutely', and she candidly shares that “he is one of my current favourite artists from the new generation.” But the ones she turns to are all time favourites like Stevie Wonder, AR Rahman, and Corinne Bailey Rae, among others. “I love the timeless nature of their music.” Aurora’s current playlist is a mix of the old and new—from Lata Mangeshkar to Dijon, Beyoncé, and Canadian-American musician Joni Mitchell, among many more

Aurora's splendid six

1 - To Zion by Lauryn Hill

2- Enchanted Mirror by Luiz Bonfá

3 - Kehna hi Kya by AR Rahman

4- Plastic Off the Sofa by Beyoncé

5 - Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh by Lata Mangeshkar

6 - Many Times by Dijon