India’s first collectible brand, Sevyn, is all about people’s undying passion for art

With a collection of over 150 items, showcasing signed artwork from renowned film and sports stars, here’s how the brand is laying its roots in the art scene.

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Owning a collectible signed by your favourite icon is a dream come true for many of us. Could you imagine flaunting a tennis ball signed by Roger Federer himself! No matter the cost, you know something like that is worth every penny. That's the vision behind Sevyn—India’s first and only venture for certified, curated collectibles autographed by global legends.

Marking its first anniversary, the venture, which launched a year ago, is expanding its boundaries to another country after achieving success in India. Yashas Newar, the founder of Sevyn, joins a call with us, as he eagerly shares details about his particularly significant day. With a blend of excitement and nervousness in his voice, he tells us that he is en route to launch a store in Dubai. Having established a presence in India, the venture, which launched a year ago, is presently broadening its global reach. Founder Yashas Newar discusses the inauguration of a new store in Dubai with Bazaar India on the venture's first anniversary. Newar expresses, "It serves as my gift to Sevyn on its birthday."


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Sevyn, India's only certified collectibles and antiques venture, holds a special place in the heart of 24-year-old Newar, who describes it as his baby. Each of us has a passion that captivates us, whether it's the excitement of sports, the enchantment of music, the allure of movies, or the significance of historical moments. Yet, for Newar, an aviation enthusiast, it was the collection of aircraft models that unknowingly laid the foundation for this venture during his childhood. 

Navigating through their website will leave you tempted to acquire one of their pieces. Now who wouldn't want to own an autographed vinyl by Michael Jackson or a prop gun from the sets of The Godfather signed by Al Pacino and Marlon Brando? These are the treasures we'd love to showcase as statement pieces in our homes. Now before you worry about authenticity, you should know that all of Sevyn's collectibles are certified by the world's leading authentication organisations, which are used by global giants like Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Today, their collection encompasses 150 plus items, including signed artworks from some of the most iconic film and sports stars we know today. Whether you're gifting it to someone you love or looking for an artwork that is quirky yet classy, every piece from Sevyn tells a unique story.

“Witnessing the joy on people's faces when they hold a piece of their favourite icon is what makes me love what I do,” Newar tells us. He believes owning a piece of something that inspired you, like a cheque signed by Walt Disney or a jersey signed by Lionel Messi is a special feeling that everyone deserves to experience. 


In a world that constantly undergoes change, one constant remains: our unwavering passion for what we love, whether it's films, sports, music, or history. These are the foundations we rely on at the end of each day, motivating us to strive for improvement. Sevyn, with its distinctive pieces, enables us to stay connected to the world we experience through the screens that drive us forward.

Every aspect of the brand, from the logo to the crafting of each individual piece, has a personal association with Newar. "The number seven holds special significance in my heart. It’s a magic number for many and whenever I see this number, I feel the universe guiding me," shares the young entrepreneur. This belief served as the inspiration for the brand's name. Additionally, for the logo, the 'y' and 'n' in 'Sevyn’, which are derived from his initials, are penned in his own handwriting. This design choice symbolises how the brand deals with autographs. These simple details alone underscore the level of dedication invested in every aspect of this brand.

But was this Newar’s master plan all along—building a collectibles brand? Certainly not. “I tried a couple of things before this; even acting and modelling. Being an entrepreneur, however, was not a part of my initial plan. But the universe has a plan for all of us,” he said.

When questioned about the future trajectory of his brand over the next ten years, “endless possibilities” says Newar whose vision is to become a globally known luxury collectible brand, proudly from India, with ‘Sevyn’ being synonymous with the word ‘collectible’.

Within a year of launching, Sevyn was featured at the India Design Fair 2024 and has displays across the country at Khazana, Taj Mahal Palace, Bombay, and Taj Fort Aguada Goa. “We launched in Dubai this month and this is only the beginning”, Newar shares adding, “See you at Sevyn.”

The thing about art is that, in its genuine form, it is subjective. It can be a painting evoking a myriad of emotions, a poem rekindling nostalgia, or the serene tunes of music. For Newar, however, art is about expressing a profound passion or emotion. And Sevyn is precisely the manifestation of Newar's boundless passion. 

To learn more, you can visit their website at or check out their Instagram page @sevyn.india.


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