How 1 Magnolia Lane is elevating the art of floristry

We speak with the founder, Anshul Chawla, on his one-stem at a time philosophy of growing his business.

Harper's Bazaar India

Anshul Chawla calls his floral atelier, 1 Magnolia Lane, “an accidental child, born out of a passion for flowers,” and very rightly so. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a complete realist, there’s nothing quite like sending—or receiving—a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Luckily, India’s floristry scene has never been so lush. Gone are the days where the only choice was a bunch of orchids and tulips from the supermarket. Whether you need a last-minute delivery for a loved one, or simply want to spoil yourself rotten with some statement-making blooms, here’s Anshul’s detailed guide to buying yourself the ‘Flowers’ you deserve.

Anshul Chawla

Harper’s Bazaar: Tell us about your journey into floristry. 

Anshul Chawla: It began with a childhood surrounded by flowers. My family’s love for flowers instilled in me the belief that a house truly becomes a home when adorned with floral beauty. As I grew older, this passion persisted, leading me and my wife to regularly purchase flowers and eventually befriend local flower farmers. During the lockdown, when these farmers faced distress, we impulsively bought their entire stock, filling our home with an abundance of flowers. This sparked an endeavour into floristry. Delivering our arrangements to friends and family elicited joy, fueling my addiction to that heartfelt reaction. Slowly, word of mouth spread, and thus, 1 Magnolia Lane was born out of my deep passion for flowers and the happiness they bring.

HB: What are your favourite flowers to work with?

AC: I don’t have a favourite flower, that would be impossible. With every change in season, flowers undergo a transformation in colours, shapes, and textures, continually renewing my love and appreciation for them. Our motto, ‘Make Flowers a Habit’, encapsulates our mission to inspire others to embrace the beauty of flowers and integrate them into every facet of their lives.

HB: For an event or a party, at what point in the planning process should flowers be considered? Give us some tips for choosing flowers for a party.

AC: Flowers are integral to the design, so they should be considered right from the start. At 1 Magnolia Lane, we begin by understanding the client’s vision and the message they wish to convey through the floral arrangements. Whether it’s a formal affair or a festive celebration, we tailor our designs to complement the venue, décor, and ambience. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to provide take-home arrangements, ensuring that the beauty of flowers endures beyond the event itself.

HB: Tell us the most unusual or niche place you’ve found inspiration from.

AC: Inspiration for our arrangements can be found in the most unexpected places. From the organic shapes of nature to the intricate textures of fabrics, I draw inspiration from my surroundings to create designs that evoke a sense of wonder and vitality.

HB: What is the favourite bouquet you have ever created?

AC: With over 2,000 arrangements crafted to date; it’s a challenge to pick a favourite. Each bouquet holds its own story and significance. From grand floral installations to petite vase arrangements, every creation at 1 Magnolia Lane is a labour of love.

HB: Flowers have historically been considered a ‘luxury’. Could you talk a little bit about this.

AC: Flowers were perceived as a luxury reserved for special occasions. However, at 1 Magnolia Lane, we believe in democratising the joy of flowers by integrating them into everyday life. Our passion for flowers drives us to source the finest blooms from around the world, ensuring a diverse selection for our customers to choose from. By prioritising freshness, quality, and customer satisfaction, we aim to make luxurious floral experiences accessible to all.

HB: Share your views on the evolving flower market in India.

AC: The evolving flower market in India reflects a growing demand for premium floral experiences. As consumers increasingly seek to enhance their daily lives with luxury and indulgence, the floral landscape is witnessing a shift towards curated experiences and personalised services. It is a step towards living better, feeling better, and celebrating every day. 

HB: What sets your business apart from traditional flower delivery services?

AC: 1 Magnolia Lane is a brand built on an inherent love for flowers and a limitless mindset. What sets it apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We prioritise integrity, honesty, and freshness in every aspect of our business.

HB: What does the future hold?

AC: We are most excited about the launch of 1 Magnolia Lane Experiences, where we create unforgettable flower-decked soirées that are a class apart. These immersive floral soirées promise to transport guests into a world of beauty and extravagance. From themed luncheons to elaborate parties, each experience is meticulously designed. As we expand our presence with a flagship atelier in Mumbai, we are dedicated to creating unforgettable moments that celebrate the timeless allure of flowers. 


All images: 1 Magnolia Lane

This article originally appeared in Harper's Bazaar India, April-May 2024 print issue.

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