How to build anticipation for heightened pleasure

Delayed gratification brings more satisfaction!

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Great sex is often like an iceberg, the actual act is just the tip of it. Deep down runs the process of building anticipation that makes you want to pull your partner closer and kiss the hell out of them. When you’re sitting close to your boo at the dinner table, you start feeling turned on by their breath, the way they look at you, and how they place their hand on your knee. There’s so much chemistry, that you are constantly distracted by the thought of kissing them, only if you weren’t in a restaurant full of people. It builds up the desire in you so when you hit the bed together, the passion between you is already soaring high.

Building anticipation can indeed heighten pleasure and make the experience more enjoyable. Here are some ways you can create anticipation.

Be in a space where you can’t make out

When you go out together, be close enough to tempt them and indulge in playful touching—caress their hand, look at their lips while they speak or whisper something in their ears. Though you will not be able to go all the way because you are in a public place or have people around, a little kissing here and there may be possible, and it will make both of you want much more! 

Schedule it 

Everyone is busy with work, errands, and life in general, but amid all this, select a day when both of you can have all the sex in the world. Spend time planning and visualising the experience in detail. Envision the different aspects of the act, imagine how it will unfold, and let your imagination run wild. This can intensify the anticipation and make the experience more enjoyable when it finally happens.

Let them know what awaits them 

Engage in playful banter, flirtation, or teasing to build anticipation. This can be done through text messages, phone calls, or in person, depending on the situation. Express your eagerness, talk about your expectations, and create a sense of anticipation together. This can enhance overall anticipation and pleasure.

Sext away

Sexting helps build intimacy even when you’re not physically together. You can text what you want to do to them and build a fantasy together. You can also talk about how the last time made you feel. Get nasty and wild, and let them crave doing it all in real! 

Delay gratification

Intentionally delay the gratification or the desired outcome. This can create a sense of longing and increase anticipation. For example, you can plan an activity or event and make the other person wait until the appointed time.