Home-grown decor brands you can trust to elevate your living space

Add some personality to your home!

Harper's Bazaar India

From the colourful wallpaper of the '70s to the muted walls and minimalist, artistic decor that is considered aesthetic today, interior decor, much like fashion, have gone through numerous changes over the years. And now, age-old artisanal techniques of embroidery, sculpting, and weaving are having their moment in the sun. These are being revived by home-grown decor brands with an aim to create pieces that are a blend of contemporary and traditional elements. 

If you’re looking to redecorate or add some personality to your home, take a look at these home-grown decor brands. 


With its roots in Indian crafts and traditions, Arisaa describes its aesthetic as ‘chaotic harmony’. This home-grown decor brand utilises India's native crafts in a minimal, fun, and contemporary approach. It draws inspiration from Ahemdabad, and each piece reflects a small part of the city. From unique decor pieces and rugs, to furniture that will elevate your home, Arisaa is your one-stop-shop if you’re looking to redecorate your space. 



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Oorjaa is probably the first sustainable artisanal paper studio in the country. They create handmade lighting products from eco-friendly materials like bamboo fibre, cork, and paper. Their objective is to not just produce all kinds of lamps but to curate a space that glows from within. If you’re looking for artistic lighting fixtures (or even table lamps), Oorjaa is the place to go. 

Sar Studio  


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Sar Studio creates contemporary decor pieces. Founded by Nikita Bhate and Pascal Hien, this Pune-based brand draws inspiration from cultural references to make timeless, understated products that are relevant to the way we live today and don’t just adhere to passing trends. Their pieces combine functionality and traditional crafts to create pieces that are meant to last. 

Ikai Asai    


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From ceramics and tableware, to furniture and lighting, Ikai Asai aims at making everyday decorative pieces distinctive yet aesthetic. They bring together indigenous materials and techniques with a designer's inventive burst to create handmade pieces that uplift the space and add artsy elements to it. 

Minimal Indian   

For all those of you who believe in the ‘less is more’ aesthetic, Minimal Indian is the decor brand you need to fill your cart up with. From tableware to wall decor, the pieces from this brand are a blend of slow living and a passion for traditional Indian crafts. It celebrates handmade products and the art of minimalism.