Here is how you can learn to enjoy your own company

Spending time alone is important for clarity and mental peace.

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There are two kinds of people in this world—one, who actively seeks alone time and the other, who runs as far from it as possible. This article is for those who belong to the second category.

Thanks to social media, the concept of solo dates has been incredibly romanticised—from buying yourself flowers to treating yourself to a lovely meal and a movie; it all seems so wholesome and peaceful. But if you're someone who's never spent more than 30 minutes alone (without a screen in front of you), then sitting at a restaurant by yourself, for instance, would seem unnerving and intimidating. You're left alone with your thoughts and are forced to make awkward eye contact with others around you, wondering if they are judging you for being alone.

But here's the thing, spending time with yourself has its benefits. Not only does it provide a new perspective towards life but also helps you adopt a healthier lifestyle, allowing your mind and body to rejuvenate. That said, being comfortable in your own company is not a skill you can develop overnight; it requires conscious effort and dedication towards yourself. And we're not going to lie, the first few times that you are all by yourself, will be uncomfortable. But once you get in the groove and understand how important it is to prioritise time with yourself, you will want to be left alone.

Read on to how you can learn to enjoy your own company! 

Don’t avoid being alone 

If you're someone who gets uncomfortable or anxious at the mere thought of spending time alone, then avoiding it altogether might come easy to you. Be it making plans with friends the second you have some free time or jumping from one relationship to the next. If this sounds relatable, you’re not alone. At the risk of stating the obvious, remember, the way to get over this fear of spending time with yourself is to schedule some time alone. 

We get it, it’s not easy if it’s not something you’re used to. Oftentimes, having to spend time alone means having to scrape through the thoughts and feelings you locked away in some dark, dingy corner of your mind, and that is scary. Whatever your reason is, you will not be able to get over it unless you take some time out from your hustle lifestyle and befriend yourself.

Mindfulness is the key  

The second step to enjoying your own company is to be truly present in the moment. Considering the digital distractions we have these days, it's easy to fill up the time you have with yourself with random activities like doomscrolling, watching videos or re-watching your favourite show for the 99th time. So when you do have time alone, try and keep all your screens aside and focus on yourself. This will give you some clarity, break you away from unhealthy patterns, and allow you to engage in activities you enjoy without having to worry about others.  

Catch up on things you keep postponing  

If what to do when you are alone is your concern, you could take up a hobby, take yourself out for dinner or hone a new skill. You could catch up on things you’ve been postponing or procrastinating. For instance, you know that stack of books you keep buying (or downloading) hoping to one day take up reading again? That day is today. The beauty of doing things alone is that you can do it at your own pace. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are in it 100 per cent. 

Practice self-care  

One of the best ways to enjoy spending time alone is to indulge in self-care. You could do some skincare, journal, pull up a few Yoga videos and follow along, cook your favourite meal or do whatever else that makes you feel light and happy. This can help you build a more compassionate relationship with yourself. Thanks to our crazy lives and endless to-do lists, we can often overlook the fact that our bodies and minds need some TLC to recuperate and keep up with the pace that is demanded of us.