Good cards to get in your love tarot reading—and what they mean

Expect bliss ahead!

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There are two types of people in the world—those who look you dead in the eye when you mention anything related to spirituality and those who will have an hour-long conversation with you when you talk about angel numbers. And then there is the third type—people who are on the fence about the subject; they’d read the horoscope or get a tarot reading but not entirely believe in it and then return to read it the next week, too, because it’s fun and who knows, it might be somewhat true. 

And let’s be honest, whichever group you identify with, getting a glimpse into what the universe has to say about your love life is something we all care about.

I love going for tarot readings and finding out what the cards say about my love life. If you do, too, or are planning to get your first love reading, watch out for these cards with ultra-positive meanings.

Two of Cups

In your love tarot reading, this card often means a soul connection. It shows pure love and indicates that your relationship is blossoming. 

The Emperor and The Empress

If these cards appear in your love tarot reading, you’re a power couple like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. You bring a balance of both feminine and masculine energies into your relationship. These cards also show that one of the partners will be more dominant, and the other will be more grounded. The Empress signifies a well-dressed and emotional person. Yours will be a passionate relationship full of attraction and love.

The Star

This card, too, talks about a connection that is romantic and spiritual in nature. If it comes alongside The Emperor and The Empress, then it is a definite sign that you are a power couple. 

Queen of Cups/King of Cups

These cards signify that you and your partner are emotion-driven. You are not afraid to be vulnerable with each other and are available emotionally. 

Queen of Wands/King of Wands

These cards indicate that your relationship is sexual and brimming with passion. However, to know the intention of your romantic interest, it is wise to look at other cards, for they may be in it just for physical pleasures. 

Queen of Pentacles/King of Pentacles

This indicates a power couple that is grounded, practical, loving, and financially secure. The individual will seem ideal for marriage and settling down with.

10 of Cups/10 of Pentacles

This is the ultimate family card—if this pops up in your readings, you're looking for a long-term relationship or marriage. Expect only good things ahead. 

With inputs from tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani. 

Tarot card images courtesy: Biddy Tarot