4 vintage Bollywood styles you can cop this festive season

Take inspiration from yesteryears to amp up your festive looks with a dramatic edge. 

Harper's Bazaar India

There’s something about vintage Bollywood that fuels our feminine and fearless drama queen alter egos. Vintage styles inspired by our favourite actors and movies will always hold a indescribable place in our hearts. 

Channelling our inner Bollywood heroine seems to be a sure-fire way of keeping ourselves stylistically inspired this festive season. Here's a list of five vintage Bollywood styles that you can cop to amp up your festive flair. 


This dramatic way of wearing your eyeliner like Sharmila Tagore in An Evening in Paris (1967) will instantly make you want to flip your hair, sway your hips, and bat your eyelashes with a mischievous smile gracing your face. Creating a winged eyeliner on your top eyelid and lining your lower eyelid will not only accentuate your beautiful eyes, but also add a star quality to any festive look. 


Whether it’s Bollywood or Hollywood, the past or the present, statement, yet elegant sunglasses never fail to impress. Take inspiration from some of the most iconic looks from vintage Bollywood, like Zeenat Aman from Haré Rama Haré Krishna (1971), and wear huge tinted sunglasses with your saris for a timeless and regal look at your Diwali lunches.


Effortlessly sophisticated, monotoned saris are always a winner. Channel your inner Sridevi from Mr. India (1987) or Mumtaz from Brahmachari (1968) for Bollywood-inspired elegance. 


Irrevocably dramatic and charming, bouffant hair styles or puff hair styles, whether with open hair, buns or braids, will effortlessly add a spark to any of your outfits. Channel the Bollywood actor hidden deep within you by taking inspiration from Sharmila Tagore’s bouffant hairdos in Avishkaar (1974) and add some roses for a romantic look.