Nayanthara on blending beauty with well-being

In this Bazaar India exclusive, the actor discusses the inspiration behind her newly launched beauty brand, 9Skin, shares skincare tips, and gives an insight into her cinematic projects.

Harper's Bazaar India

Bringing her charm and grace to the screen, one simply couldn't take their eyes off Nayanthara as she dazzled on screen in Jawan. While the Shah Rukh Khan blockbuster might have been her very-first Hindi film, the actor continues to shine across South India where she is a force to be reckoned with. There's simply no stopping her as she, a doting mother to twin sons, aces every role, be it on camera or off it. Her most recent enterprise being her, and her husband, director Vignesh Shivan, entering the world of entrepreneurship by launching a skincare brand named 9Skin. 

The actor, in an exclusive interview with Bazaar India, speaks about the reasons behind launching the brand, what self-care means to her, working in Jawan, and much more. 

Harper’s Bazaar: What inspired you to launch your own beauty brand and what does the name signify?

Nayanthara: Launching 9Skin was a natural progression for me. I’ve always been passionate about skincare, and the name signifies the comprehensive care the brand aims to provide, embracing the nine dimensions of well-being.

HB: What unique products and features can consumers expect that would set it apart from other beauty brands?

N: 9Skin is unique because it integrates Ayurveda with modern skincare. Our products are rooted in natural ingredients, offering a holistic approach to beauty and that sets us apart in the market.

HB: Could you share some personal skincare tips and routines that influenced your brand’s offerings?

N: My personal skincare routine emphasises simplicity and consistency, which influenced the brand’s offerings. I believe in the power of natural ingredients and wanted to share that with my audience through 9Skin.

HB: What does self-care mean to you and how do you incorporate it in your busy schedule? 

N: Self-care, to me, is about balance. It’s about doing the things I love the most. For me its work and family and the biggest joy is to find that right balance amid our busy schedules. I make time for workouts, hydration, my family, and some 'me time' which includes my skincare routine, which is super important to me.

Eternelle-Anti-Aging Serum; 9Skin; ₹1,499

HB: What are your future plans for the brand?

N: The future for 9Skin involves expanding our product line with sustainable and eco-friendly options. We aim to continue empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

HB: Share a memorable experience while prepping for Jawan and what were your feelings on collaborating with some leading names in the industry?

N: Prepping and shooting for Jawan was intense but it pushed me beyond my comfort zone and I love it when I can really achieve what I am asked to. Collaborating with the talented cast and crew of Jawan was an enriching experience. Working with leading names in the industry elevated the project, creating a synergy that reflected in the final product.

HB: Any upcoming movies that you are working on?

N: While I can’t reveal all the details, I’m excited about upcoming projects that explore diverse roles. The announcements are going to be super exciting.