Malaika Arora reveals her beauty mantras and fitness goals

Beauty is inner health for the diva.

Harper's Bazaar India

While we continue to be in awe of Malaika Arora's fitness and yoga routine, not many know that she gives equal importance to feeling beautiful from the inside. And it's this very confidence from within that makes her look gorgeous day in and day out. She continues to raise the bar for fitness and beauty, and as a step towards this, has recently collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills.

In an exclusive interview with Bazaar India, Arora speaks about all things beauty, the rules that she follows, tips to have the perfect brow moment, and much more. 

Harper’s Bazaar: In an ever-changing landscape, how has your definition of beauty evolved? 

Malaika Arora: I believe beauty is inner health. If you are healthy and good from within, you can take on any new change or trend and ace it.

HB: What are your three thumb rules when it comes to beauty? 

MA: I have three fundamental rules when it comes to beauty. Firstly, I advocate embracing uniqueness. It means recognising that beauty cannot be confined to a single standard but rather stems from embracing and celebrating your distinctiveness and unique attributes. Secondly, I emphasise the importance of prioritising self-care, both physically and mentally. It plays a crucial role in exuding inner beauty and confidence. Lastly, I encourage individuals to be kind, compassionate and understand that genuine beauty emanates from acts of empathy, thereby contributing to a more beautiful world for all.

HB: Tell us about your collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH). What about the brand resonates with you the most? 

MA: What resonates with me the most about ABH is that they believe in the beauty of individuality. They strive to enhance a person’s unique features without altering their essence. Anastasia Beverly Hills promotes self-love and self-expression through makeup. They empower individuals to embrace their true selves. This philosophy is particularly important in today’s ever-evolving beauty landscape where new beauty trends are constantly emerging.

HB: ABH is all about getting the perfect brow look, give us some tips to have the perfect brow moment. 

MA: ABH is synonymous with brows. I truly appreciate the careful craftsmanship put into their eyebrow products. I prefer the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. It’s a convenient and hassle-free eyebrow product that can effortlessly enhance one’s brows. You’ll always find it in my bag, ready to use in unplanned situations or spontaneous outings.

HB: With the beauty universe teeming with brands, what are a few things you look at before investing in a new product? 

MA: I consider several key factors. First, I read the label to understand if the ingredients used in the product are safe, effective, and suitable for my skin type. Secondly, I research customer reviews to gauge the product’s performance and reputation. Thirdly, I assess the brand’s credibility and commitment to ethical practices. Additionally, I look for innovative formulations and unique selling points that set the product I have in mind apart from its counterparts available from other brands.

HB: What is your go-to make-up look? 

MA: I prefer a dewy and minimalist make-up style, focusing on well-groomed eyebrows and a generous application of blush to achieve a vibrant pop of colour on my cheeks. Then I go in with red lipstick to complete my look.

HB: What are some beauty trends you are loving right now? 

MA: I love minimal and natural make-up looks that emphasise healthy skin and embrace individual features.  The use of sustainable and eco-friendly beauty products also gained traction. This trend promotes self-confidence and celebrates diversity and individuality.

HB: Is there any beauty ritual or mantra you picked up as a child and follow even today? 

MA: I believe that being beautiful inside is more important than being beautiful outside. For this, one needs to lead a healthy lifestyle. Have lots of fruits and fresh juices, sleep on time, drink lots of water, exercise regularly and keep an active lifestyle. We are aware of all this but sometimes just need a little extra nudge to follow it.

HB: Social media can be brutal—how easy or difficult is it to practice detachment from all the noise? 

MA: Practicing detachment from the noise on social media can be challenging but not impossible. It requires setting clear boundaries, limiting screen time and being mindful of emotional responses. Having self-awareness and focusing on real-life connections can help create a healthier relationship with social media. I also take breaks and prioritise mental well-being to find a balance and reduce the impact of the online world on my emotions.

HB: With the ever-changing landscape of social media, what is your secret to staying relevant? 

MA: My secret to staying relevant in the ever-changing landscape of social media lies in continuous learning and adaptation. I keep up with updates, improvements and partake in the latest trends. I analyse vast amounts of data which allows me to understand what my followers need. Thus, ensuring I remain relevant and up-to-date.