Janhvi Kapoor on her fashion and style journey of “trial and fabulous error”

The actor, in an exclusive chat with Bazaar India, spills the beans on how she makes the right choices when it comes to all things glam and who she turns to for fashion advice.

Harper's Bazaar India

Be it any role, however challenging, or any outfit, no matter how difficult to pull off, Janhvi Kapoor sure knows how to create waves and win hearts with effortless ease. Her fashion game is absolutely flawless, and she continues to make a mark with utmost grace and confidence as a trendsetter with her unique style and confidence. 

In an exclusive interview with Bazaar India, the actor, who was recently unveiled as the brand ambassador for ALDO India, speaks about her personal style, evolution as a shopper, making choices that fit into her version of style, and more. 

Harper’s Bazaar India: What’s new about Aldo’s festive collection and how does it resonate with your style?

Janhvi Kapoor: This year, ALDO's festive collection is all about that golden touch, representing the essence of the Indian festive season. I have personally selected our top picks from this collection, so you can expect some real showstoppers in there. Who doesn't want to dazzle during the festivities, right? Their shoes and accessories effortlessly blend glamour and tradition—it's like having a bit of 'Janhvi' in every piece!

HB: What discussions about accessories do you have with your girl gang? Who’s always on top of the latest trends? 

JK: Ah, you know how it is with us girls! We discuss fashion, dream destinations for our next getaway, spill the tea on who's dating who, shopping, and binge watching shows together. Among my girl gang, Khushi (Kapoor) is always on top of the latest trends. She's got those Gen-Z genes and an impeccable eye for fashion.

HB: What’s your thought process when it comes to pairing accessories?

JK: I'm all about the 'less is more' vibe, but I won't say no to a quirky statement piece when I’m opting for a basic fit.

HB: How have you learnt to make choices that aren’t only right but also glamorous, and fit into your version of style?

JK: It's been a journey of trial and fabulous errors! I've learned that making the right choices isn't just about following trends; it's about staying true to your own style. It’s all about confidence at the end of the day.

HB: What’s your very first instinct after seeing an accessory that makes you want to buy it?

JK: It's like a fashion love-at-first-sight moment! It's that instant connection—like, 'Yes, you were made for my wardrobe!' Followed by a mental checklist of all the fabulous occasions where I can flaunt it.

HB: One always thinks about what they’re going to wear when they step out. How do you go about it, even more so since you’re in the limelight?

JK: It's all about comfort and feeling like 'me' for every outing. I start by assessing the vibe of the event or the day ahead and I might have a quick chat with my stylist about the comfort quotient—in the outfit, the footwear and so on. 

HB: How have you evolved as a shopper? What kind of a shopper are you? An impulsive one?

JK: I'd say I'm a mix of both—a spontaneous shopper when it comes to certain pieces that immediately speak to me, but also a discerning one who considers how an item fits into my overall wardrobe and style.

HB: Who do you go to when it comes to making the right choice with accessories?

JK: My stylist, my girlfriends, and Pinterest are all in on the action. My stylist brings the pro tips, my girlfriends bring the candid 'yay' or 'nay,' and Pinterest adds that extra sprinkle of inspiration.

HB: You’ve got a very busy 2024 with three films lined up. Could you tell us something about them?

JK: While I can't reveal much about the films right now, I'm thrilled to be working alongside some incredible actors and an amazing team, living my dream! I can't wait for you all to see.