Your guide to choosing the best brow shape and colour according to your face structure

Transform into your most radiant selves with eyebrows meant just for you.

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“Browmance” is the sacred relationship we share with our brow specialists. Eyebrows happen to be the most underrated feature that impacts our facial structure. They hold some sort of magical power to transform our faces naturally and bring out our best selves. 

Our brains love symmetry, making us see beauty in symmetrical things. Thus brows—only if they are shaped correctly—can work wonders by perfectly framing our eyes and aligning our facial features. 

Though hardly spoken about, brows are a big part of many of our iconic beauty trends over the years—from the painfully thin brows of the 90s and the natural, ever-so-slightly messy thicker brows of the '20s, to the thick and highly defined laminated brows that we can’t see enough of today. Not only do they bring structure and definition to our faces, they also mirror our feelings, opinions, and attitudes to a great extent. 

Every face is different, and factors like our facial shape and structure, the colour and size of our eyes, skin tone, and hair colour, come into play in deciding what kind of brows would be perfect for a face. Here's a list of the best eyebrows that suit different faces and hair colour.



OVAL FACE: Soft angles and shallow arches work best for an oval face shape as they do not disturb its natural symmetry. Make sure the highest point of your arch is not at the centre of your brow and that the two ends of your brow are parallel to each other. 

ROUND FACE: A lifted arch and a sharper angle will make a round face look leaner, defined, and more tapered. A lengthened tip along with added height by aligning the highest point of your arch toward the centre of your brow will make the face look more angular and structured.

SQUARE FACE: A strong brow with a soft lifted arch and a slight curve will provide symmetry between the top of your face and your powerful jawline. A lengthened tail will help make a square face look narrower and aligning the highest point of your arch to the centre of your brow will bring attention to the centre of your face.

HEART FACE: A high arch for a shorter face and a low arch for a longer face will align with other facial features to bring a symmetrical finish. A soft arch and a thick brow balance the pointed chin and wide forehead. Aligning the highest point of the arch of your brow to the centre of your brow will attract attention to the middle of your face. 

DIAMOND FACE: Slightly curved brows and softened arches will balance out the more defined cheekbones and tapered forehead and chin. Keeping the brow length short and reducing the space between brows will help draw attention to the centre of the face. 

RECTANGULAR FACE: Softer, flatter brows with a slight curve will help balance the wide forehead and jawline and give an illusion of a smaller face. Arching the brows from underneath will open up the eyes and a wider distance between the brows will help balance the wider outer contours of your face. 



For the most natural, cohesive, and finished look, your eyebrow colour should either be the same shade or a shade darker than your hair colour. It should also complement the undertones of your complexion. If you want to soften your look, let your brow be a shade as close as possible to your hair and if you want your brows to look more defined and prominent, go for a shade darker. Going for a shade that doesn’t complement your hair colour and skin undertones can create a harsh and potentially jarring look that completely disturbs the symmetry you have worked so hard to create. 

It's important to remind ourselves that no one knows what can work for our face and our style better than us, and to use these tips and tricks in a way that suits us best to help unveil our happiest and most radiant selves.