These celebrities are proving that fuller eyebrows are having their moment

Your dose of brow-spiration!

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Welcome to the eyebrow revival. The reign of the tweezers is over. There is no more overplucking, no more Y2K pencil-thin eyebrows and no more laminated brows. We’ve only now realised the beauty of the Cara-esque fuller and fluffy eyebrow. You see, the volume and shape of our brows define our features. Fuller eyebrows can give you an instant face lift and frame your face in a way that highlights all the right points. 

Of course, achieving this look takes work. It’s not enough to stop overplucking. You must master the art of shaping your eyebrows and filling them to perfection. For your dose of some brow-spiration, we’ve rounded up a few celebrities who are at the top of the game. 

Cara Delevingne  

The pioneer of the big brow movement— Cara Delevingne’s brows are trendsetters. While the whole world was busy overplucking, she was unapologetically using her inherently full eyebrows to frame her face and define her features. To achieve her look, make sure you regularly trim and shape your brows to ensure a uniform length and symmetry. 

Sara Ali Khan  

Sara Ali Khan’s eyebrows are a major factor in her femme girl-next-door vibe. They’re naturally shaped to frame her face perfectly and complement all her beauty looks. A pro tip we can pick up from Sara is to either use an eyebrow gel or a clean spoolie and just a wee bit of hair gel to comb the brow hair in one direction. This gives the brows a fluffy look and maintains consistency. She is at the top of the eyebrow game! 



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Zendaya is proving that when it comes to brows, maximalism is the way to go. The Euphoria actress has always worn her big brows confidently and used them to elevate her glam look. Make note of how her brows are symmetrical to the outer corners of her nose. That gives it a nice arch shape framing her features. 

Deepika Padukone  

Deepika Padukone’s brows are goals. Thick in the middle, they taper downwards to a fine point. This brings out and defines her eyes giving her a more chiselled look. To achieve this, remember to fill in your brows with gel or tint. Start with a minimal amount of product and build it up as you get towards the tips to keep the brows uniform and shapely. 

Lily Collins  


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Lily Collins's eyebrows are as iconic as her bangs. The Emily In Paris actress boasts naturally-shaped full brows that are quite enviable. If big brows don’t come to you genetically, you can always draw inspiration from her and fill yours in with a fine-tipped eyebrow pencil.