The top perfume trends to bookmark for 2024

From fresh gourmands to second skin scents, here are the best fragrances for this year.

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The changing of seasons calls for new fragrances, and thanks to social media, we already know what's trending! The popular billion-view trend, #PerfumeTok, has unveiled the top perfume trends for 2024, and if you're looking to expand your fragrance closet, we're here to help. From timeless fragrances to fresh new launches, these are some of the trending scents to keep you smelling great all year round.

Fresh gourmands 

If you want to smell delicious, then gourmand notes are the way to go. These (almost) edible fragrances continue to come in new and revised scent profiles. While the typical vanilla, caramel, and citrus notes continue to dominate, this year is expected to see a rise of fresher, woody gourmand scents such as cognac, matcha, and cardamom, which are among social media’s new obsession. 

Akro Bake Eau de Parfum, ₹13,278 approx.



Kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato, ₹11,452 approx.



Tom Ford Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum, ₹55,130 approx.

Incense, wood, and smoke

Sophisticated, grounded, and refined—woody perfumes boast a certain warm and welcoming aroma. But the real challenge lies in finding a fragrance that has a balanced flavour profile and is not too heavy or smoky. Those looking to experiment with this fragrance profile can opt for scents with cedar, amber, and floral undertones, which have a subtle earthy scent.

Guerlain Tobacco Honey Eau De Parfum, ₹32,780 approx.

Kayali Oudgasm Tobacco Eau de Parfum, ₹11,618 approx.


Kilian Paris Smoking Hot Eau de Parfum, ₹24,481 approx.


Tropical scents 

If ‘summer bottled up’ was a perfume, we’d imagine it to smell of aquamarine waters and subtle citrus undertones. These scents encapsulate the season's spirit and are typically light, breezy, and fresh. Be it the smell of lemon and margaritas on the beach, sunscreen, or sea salt, these perfumes instantly transport you back to your favourite vacation. 

Krigler 1904 Mediterranean Peach 15 perfume, ₹51,037 approx.


Neiman Marcus Chantecaille Tiare Parfums Pour Femme, ₹15,352 approx.


D S & Durga Debaser Eau de Parfum, ₹17,427 approx.


Second skin scents

These are intimate and individualistic fragrances that emulate your skin’s natural scent. Their clean, transparent, and slightly sensual formulations make them last long enough without being overpowering or excessive. With the growing chatter around individualisation and wellness, skin scents are one of the top trends of the season. 

Replica Lazy Sunday Morning by Maison Margiela,  ₹9,600 approx.


Jersey Les Exclusifs De Chanel Eau de Parfum, ₹16,597 approx.


Eauso Vert Purple Noon, ₹15,352 approx.


Narciso Rodriguez All Of Me Eau de Parfum, ₹7,634 approx.


Modern florals

Everyone wants to hold onto the nostalgia of floral scents, but 2024 is all about updating classic flowery fragrances. Despite their reputation of being ultra-sweet and childishly overwhelming, these floral perfumes have been revamped with new complex notes that are edgy, modern, and sophisticated.

Byredo Inflorescence Eau de Parfum, ₹17,012 approx.

 Perfumehead Extrait De Parfum Reine des Anges, ₹35,270 approx.

Naso Parfumi Rose Santal ₹11,900 approx.

Genderless fragrances

A new yet rapidly growing trend that is set to dominate this year is genderless scents. Perfumes are no longer confined to gender as both men and women are embracing varied scents across different notes. While Calvin Klein’s CK One from the '90s continues to be an iconic unisex perfume, several new genderless scents have taken the perfume industry by storm.

Byredo Velvet Haze, ₹22,800 

Le Labo​​​​, Santal 33 eau de parfum, ₹7,425 approx.

Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, ₹14,357 approx.

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