SKINN by Titan’s new campaign #NotesFromAPerfumer decodes the mysteries of fragrances with Mira Rajput Kapoor and principal perfumer Ilias Ermenedis

The campaign sheds light on the expertise and craft involved in the making of their fragrances.

Harper's Bazaar India

Have you ever been able to tell a person’s presence in the room from the fragrance that lingers in the air? Perfumes form an integral part of memories. If one were to compare a fragrance to a piece of art, the perfumer would be the artist. These highly skilled professionals, called master perfumers, undergo years of training to perfect their craft. But there are more astronauts in this world than there are perfumers; and we believe quality triumphs over quantity as we see these handful perfumers effortlessly blend the notes and scents of a multitude of ingredients.

Their expertise and knowledge has not only fascinated, but intrigued each one of us for a very long time. It’s important to know about this rare art and the expertise and craft involved in the making of perfumes. Taking perfume lovers on an enchanting olfactory expedition and capturing the essence of fragrances is exactly what SKINN intends to do through #NotesFromAPerfumer. One such master perfumer is Ilias Ermenedis, who has crafted the Noura range from SKINN by Titan. The man behind some of the world’s most-loved fragrances unravels the secrets of perfumery in a riveting conversation with Mira Rajput Kapoor. The multi-film campaign sees the duo shed light on integral concepts in the fragrance-making process giving a fascinating insight on picking a signature fragrance, layering it (is there a right or wrong way to do so), understanding ingredients and what does it take to make a perfume last longer, and much more.


Having created masterpieces for over 40 years, Ermenedis knows that turning an idea into a creation, a fragrance here, is a magical and promising process. For him, being inspired to create new and different fragrances, which embody sophistication, is by far the best part of his job. As he speaks about the art of perfume making, Ermenedis answers the age-old question—is perfume making an art or a science? “It is alchemy,” he says. As far as the Noura range from SKINN by Titan is concerned, each of the master perfumers (Ermenedis included) choose nothing but the best ingredients that are crafted to suit the Indian customer.

Fragrances bring together elegance and emotion, and are like stories waiting to be told. Talking about what inspired him to create the Noura range from SKINN by Titan, Ermenedis tells us how to appreciate the little nuances which make every scent beautiful, “There are many reasons why people use fragrances. Some use the same perfume everyday as it is their signature. If I don’t wear a fragrance and step out, I feel like I’ve forgotten something. You can wear it for many reasons—to seduce, draw attention, feel confident or simply for your mental and aesthetic well-being.  Memories and emotions are linked and that’s why you’re very addicted to the smell of your fragrance.

While magicians don’t reveal their secrets, Ermenedis lets one slip by telling us the difference between a good and a great perfume, “I like my fragrance to be addictive. It has to smell good, that’s rule number one. Then, you have many parameters that make it a success—it needs sillage, aura, diffusion, and a projection that creates an impact in the room the moment someone takes a whiff of what you’re wearing. It has to leave an impression. And this is why creating a fragrance takes a long time. For a fragrance to be considered great and iconic, it must have a dose of imperfection and a dose of craziness.”

And this is why we love the method behind the madness.

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