Indian ingredients to keep an eye out for longer, thicker hair

The moral of the story? Your grandmother was right.

Harper's Bazaar India

In Indian kitchens, there are some ingredients that enjoy an exalted status. We’re talking about onions, amla, curry leaves, are a few to name. These power-packed items not only add some bursting flavour to our food but also have a special place in our haircare cabinets. These natural ingredients cater to any and all concerns you may have about your tresses—from strengthening and nourishing your hair, to preventing premature greying.

So, the next time you’re in the market for some haircare products, keep an eye out for products with these ingredients. Or, simply pull them out from your kitchen cabinet and DIY it. Your tresses deserve some pampering, especially with winter on the horizon. 


Bhringraj is one of the most celebrated herbs for hair growth and thickness. In Sanskrit, it’s known as ‘Keshraj’ which translates to ‘the king of hair’. It is rich in antimicrobial properties that nourish the scalp, prevent hair loss, combat dandruff, soothe irritation, and add lustre to the hair. Bhringraj is a hair superstar and you’re going to want this Ayurvedic ingredient as a staple in your hair care routine!  


You’ve probably heard about this ingredient from your mother or grandmother. Known as the ‘fruit of the hair’, shikakai is an Ayurvedic herb that is found in the tropical forests of India. Its natural pH levels balance the oils of the scalp and help promote hair growth and strength. But that’s not all. Shikakai also makes the hair softer and shiner, controls hair loss, and gets rid of dandruff. It’s a natural one-stop shop for all your hair concerns. 


Derived from the Amalaki plant, amla is a very potent ingredient used in different realms of Ayurveda. In haircare, amla, an antioxidant and vitamin C-powered remedy, is used to breathe some life into dry and frizzy hair. It stimulates hair growth and prevents hair fall and premature greying. If you’re looking for products that will leave your tresses looking healthy and lustrous in no time, keep an eye out for amla-based ones. Your hair will thank you. 

Curry leaves   

Curry leaves don’t just give food a delicious flavour; they are an effective but underrated natural remedy to promote hair growth and health. Rich in antioxidants, they can protect your mane from damage, promote thickness, and prevent hair loss. Regular use of this nutrient-rich ingredient will improve the overall health of your hair.  


Have you seen jasmine oil on shelves or on your screen while you were browsing for some new haircare products? This fragrant flower has more benefits for hair health than most of us know about. Not only does it moisturise and nourish our tresses but it also leaves them soft and shiny. It also strengthens the hair to prevent breakage and promotes hair growth. As a bonus, Jasmine has a soothing effect on the scalp that reduces irritation and inflammation.