How to get your skin make-up ready for the upcoming New Year’s Eve party

Pre-make-up prep may be your answer to a flawless and glowing look.

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How many times can you say “it is that time of the year” without it sounding absolutely mundane? But it really is that time of the year—the holiday and party season—and the one thing that makes most sense is to get your glow on while you bring cheer to parties and get-togethers. And while we obviously love a good make-up look (we did a story on all the makeup essentials you need for it), it always helps to have a glistening canvas to work with. Which brings us to this expert-approved routine that is sure to leave your skin at it’s supple best.

The idea is not to invent a whole new routine, but making sure you stick to a good one, starting with cleansing. And we are saying a big no-no to squeaky clean. Haven’t we a long time ago though? Make sure that you choose a cleanser that is gentle on your skin, helps regulate your sebum, and does not strip your skin of its moisture. Massage in circular motion and rinse off with lukewarm to cold water. 

It can help reduce enlarged pores, reduce skin irritation, and even give the much needed boost of antioxidants. 

Mask on
Nothing is more instantly nourishing than a nice sheet mask. With concentrated active ingredients, it offers fast-acting and dramatic results. This one is your instant facial that can offer a solution to every skin concern. Choose wisely. We recommend vitamin C for a quick glow boost. 

Moisturise (and don’t forget the eyes)
There is nothing worse than make-up that gets flakey thanks to dry skin. Lock in the benefits of the serums from your mask with a lightweight moisturiser. We recommend a good water-based moisturiser, definitely not a night-time moisturiser. Don’t forget an eye cream—it is the one feature that goes through a lot of work and definitely could do with some extra TLC. A well hydrated under eye also means you can eliminate creasing, and we are all on board. 

Try a face oil
Don’t be afraid of oil on your skin. This could be just the added moisturising your skin is craving before the layers of make-up. Depending on the oil, there are chances that it does not mix with your primer. And no, that does not mean you hesitate. You only need to go through this routine well in advance and give your skin the time to absorb before you start your make-up.

The sleeping mask golden rule
Okay, before you say we are overdoing it, let us say one thing—moisturising is key to creating a nice glowing base, and making sure you have your hydration game on well in advance is the only way to create that perfect canvas. Something with hyaluronic acid is a great pick for this step. 

Finally, don’t forget the body
Gone are the days when it’s only about the face (and neck). You want to make sure you also moisturise your whole body in case you want to compact your body or dab some glitter.