Easy ways to repurpose beauty products that don't work for you

Don’t let a perfectly good product go to waste

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You see it, you like it, you want it, you get it, and then it disappoints. Getting your hands on a newly launched cleanser or a trending face mask is an exciting process. But, what happens when it doesn’t seem to behave as promised? More often than not, you’re left with a bucket full of disappointment and a pint-sized hole in your wallet. With a heavy heart, you either hand it down in the hopes it’ll work its magic on someone else, or you let it hibernate for months on end in the corner of your vanity shelf. Either way, there goes your excitement, patience, and money down the sinkhole. Well, there’s a solution! Just because a product hasn’t worked wonders in one way, doesn’t mean it can’t be repurposed. So before you go tossing it in the trash, here are a few ideas that’ll help put it to good use.

Repurposing a facial cleanser that’s too harsh

There’s a fine line between cleansing your skin and stripping it off its natural oils, and a lot of cleansers do that to your skin. This can leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated, cause breakouts, and even disrupt a healthy skin barrier. Since the skin on your face is a lot more sensitive than the rest of your body, it’s alright to repurpose that cleanser and use it to wash your body. As a matter of fact, if the formulation contains any actives like AHAs or BHAs, it’ll help exfoliate the skin and leave your arms and legs smoother and softer. 

Repurposing a moisturiser that is too rich

Moisturisers are a necessity, but if you’ve got sensitive or oily, acne-prone skin, a rich formulation can be a little too heavy for your skin to deal with. If your expensive moisturiser seems to weigh your skin down, or even causes breakouts, why not try using it to nourish your hands and feet? You can even feel free to apply it to your arms and legs.

Repurposing a hair conditioner that weighs your hair down

Ever find yourself with an empty shampoo bottle, but a half-full conditioner? Instead of letting it sit in your cabinet while your newest shampoo-conditioner duo work their magic, repurpose the poor ol’ conditioner by using it as a pre-shaving cream. Apply it to your arms and legs, just before you pull out your razor for a quick shave. The creamy consistency of the conditioner helps with a smoother shave, prevents razor burns, and even softens the skin post a wash. Remember to follow up with a body lotion. 

Repurposing a face oil that’s too oily

Face oils can get messy and oily, especially if they have a rich and heavy texture. Instead of hiding that oil away, simply use it on your dry cuticles. If you’ve got extra dry cuticles, then feel free to top up through the day.

 Repurposing an old clear lip balm

Soap brows are trending, so why not make use of that good ol’ lip balm to create them? Use a clean spoolie (also repurposed from an old mascara) and rub it on your lip balm. Gently apply it on your brows to recreate that soft, feathery effect. 

Repurposing harsh skin acids

Invested in a glycolic acid toner or a really strong AHA BHA peel, and feel like it is too intense for your skin? Use it on your body instead. Apply any strong active ingredients to exfoliate areas such as your elbows, knees, and even your underarms (depending on the concentration levels).