A comprehensive guide to giving your lashes some TLC

A handbook for fluttering lashes!

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If you ask us, in the skincare universe, eyelashes drew the short straw. Think about it—you might not feel fully ready without a few coats of mascara, but when it comes to getting the stubborn product out, we rub, tug, and give our eyes a once-over with a cleanser. But how many of us follow this up with a serum to nourish and strengthen the lashes? And considering we spend so much time dressing our lashes up, we know that when they look good, they can steal the show. So, why not go slightly out of our way to keep them happy?

This National Lash Day, we aim to bring about a change in the way we care for our eyelashes. We’ve curated a handy guide on how to give eyelashes the TLC they deserve as well as included products that help them look and feel their best.

Take notes! 

Remove eye make-up the right way    

At the risk of stating the obvious, don’t rub and scrub your eyes when you’re trying to get your make-up out as it irritates your lashes and causes them to fall out. Instead, soak a cotton pad in a make-up remover (that is formulated specifically for the eye), hold it on the eye for a few seconds and then swipe off your make-up gently. This helps the formula to break up the mascara bond so it doesn’t pull out your lashes while coming off. Repeat this until your eyes are completely clean and then take a clean cotton pad and wipe across your eyes to get any irritants or remaining particles out easily. 

Use a lash serum   

If you want to strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes, include a lash serum into your everyday skincare routine. They nourish and condition the lashes using a variety of ingredients like peptides, vitamin E, and castor oil (to name a few). This will require some trial and error on your part to see which serum works best for you but, trust us, when you see the results, it will all be worth it. Of course, lash serums aren’t magic potions so don’t expect to wake up with long and thick eyelashes overnight. Be patient; with regular use you will get there.    

Pro tip: You should also invest in an eyelash comb and brush your lashes twice a day for 15-20 seconds. This helps to distribute the natural oils to strengthen them, prevent breakage, and make them look long and separated. 

Choose your mascara carefully 

A lot of mascaras contain harmful ingredients like parabens or synthetic dyes which irritate the lashes and can even lead to an eye infection. To spare yourself all this, do some research before you buy a mascara. Ideally, opt for something that is pigmented but also contains nourishing ingredients like aloe vera or naturally-obtained oils. 

Avoid getting repetitive lash treatments    

We all love a quick fix and wearing falsies or extensions is the quickest lash fix there is. And while they look stunning, these treatments aren’t kind to your actual lashes, especially if you do it often. The reason is simple—these procedures use harsh glues that could rip out your eyelashes and even cause damage to the follicle, leading them to not grow back. If you want longer and thicker eyelashes, we suggest going the natural route. It might take longer but the risks involved are significantly lower. 

Here are some eyelash care products to invest in for fuller, voluminous eyelashes 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Foreplay Lash Primer, ₹2,550  

Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara, ₹3,150  

Forest Essentials Nayantara Clear Lash & Brow Serum, ₹1,495 

Estee Lauder Take It Away Makeup Remover Lotion, ₹3,500 

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash And Brow Serum, ₹1,450 

Dior Diorshow Maximizer 3D, ₹3,900 

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