8 skincare essentials to pack for your upcoming beach vacation

Must-haves to make sure your skin stays as happy as you on holiday.

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Most of our readily planning or even setting off for our summer getaways that promise much fun and frolic in tropical paradises, buzzing cities, and cooler climes. If you’ve planned a trip to somewhere near the beach, then you’re in for a good time. To make sure that your skin has a good time too, it’s important to carry skincare and beauty products that will protect you from the sun and harmful chemicals. 

If you don’t know where to start, fret not, we’ve already done the work for you. Go through our list of must-haves that should find a place in your beach bag this summer. 

Light-weight moisturiser

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Just because you are in place that makes you sweat buckets doesn’t mean you should skip moisturising your face. In fact, the heat can actually make your skin drier. To keep it happy and healthy, rely on a light-weight moisturiser—a gel-based one will be best for those who already have oily and combination skin. 

Pimple patches


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We’ve all been there. Right when a vacation is about to start, or bang in the middle of one, there will be a pesky, rogue pimple (or two) that rears its face. While the safest option is to let them be and keep doing your regular skincare routine, pimple patches can prevent bacteria from making the situation worse, and will also help you to keep your hands off them. The hydrocolloid in most of the pimple patches also helps reduce redness and inflammation, which is a plus. 

Sunscreen—for both your body and face 

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If you choose to carry only one thing from this entire list, let it be a sunscreen that offers broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 50+ along with PA++++. Apply 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun, and then reapply every two to three hours. For the face, remember the rule—two fingers worth of sunscreen is the appropriate amount. For the body, a sunscreen spray comes in handy. 

Sun stick

Sunscreen is only as effective as its reapplication—most of them offer protection for only up to two hours, and if you add a long, leisurely swim in the pool or a quick dip in the sea to the mix, chances are your sunscreen is getting washed off sooner. To make reapplication hassle-free, carry a nifty sun stick in your beach bag, there are plenty of options readily available in the market today.

Sun protection hair spray

The harsh rays of the sun can adversely affect your locks too, especially if you have coloured or treated hair. To keep them hydrated and protected, use a sun protection hair spray before you go out, and also before a swim. 

Lip balm with SPF

You’ve got your face, body, and hair sorted with sun protection, but don’t forget your lips—the delicate skin of your pout is more susceptible to sun damage so it’s important to wear a lip balm or lip tint with SPF. 

Minimal, fuss-free make-up 

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When you’re on the beach, you’re not thinking about doing a full face of makeup that will anyway suffer the fate of getting washed off by a quick swim or melt away in the tropical heat. So, we suggest you turn to multi-tasking heroes that are a breeze to use (no one is spending precious holiday time on doing their makeup!) and stay put. Think a versatile lip and cheek tint, a trusty waterproof mascara, and a light-weight medium coverage concealer. 

Face mists

We’ll be the first ones to admit that while lying around and sunbathing on the beach whole day can seem appealing, it can do a number on our skin, even if we diligently apply sunscreen. It can cause our skin to dry out, which is where a rejuvenating and hydrating facial mist comes in. Keep one in your tote and spray whenever you’re in need of a quick refresh. 

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