5 products to invest in to reverse hair thinning

Add the volume back into your hair.

Harper's Bazaar India

I often have this question: How is one supposed to wake up fresh, happy, and ready to take on the day when you see a design created by your hair strands on your pillow? Can you relate? Do you also have a tough time keeping your hair attached to your head? Has the volume of your hair taken a massive hit over the years? If you're vigorously nodding, just know that you're not alone in this rickety boat. Hair thinning is one of the most common concerns. However, that doesn't mean there is no way to breathe some life back into your hair and bring back some of its former glory.  

There are many reasons for hair thinning including stress, lack of oiling hair care, and smoking. But the two most common reasons are genetic hair loss and ageing—over the years, our hair just grows much finer and weaker. This makes it seem like we are losing volume by the minute. Whichever category you fall into, there are things you can do to crawl out of this hair-thinning hole. We've curated a list of products that work like a magic spell on your hair. Take a look! 

Kerastase Densifique Serum Jeunesse  

Infused with Stemoxydine (mimics stem cells that awaken dormant follicles) and Anti-Ox Cellular (prevents the loss of melanin), this serum needs to be on your shelf if you are experiencing hair thinning. Its unique formula protects the melanin of the hair and helps to add volume and soften hair. Do remember to read the ‘how to use’ carefully and use a hair dryer to activate the treatment.  


The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum For Hair Density  

This concentrated formula from The Ordinary’s not-so-ordinary product list is a godsend for thinning hair. It is designed to repair hair and make your locks healthier and denser. It’s for all those of you who want a mane that cascades down your back. To use, apply a few drops once a day (ideally at bedtime) and massage thoroughly into the scalp. However, before you start using this regularly, do a patch test.  


Forest Essentials Hair Thickening Spray Bhringraj & Shikakai  

If you’re looking for an option with natural ingredients, don’t look any further than this thickening spray from Forest Essentials. Packed with the goodness of amla, bhringraj and shikakai, this is a product your grandmother would approve of. It strengthens the hair follicles, prevents hair loss, and encourages hair growth. As a bonus, its formulation also includes wheat protein which gives the hair a healthy glow. 


Olaplex Noº.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment  


A treatment that primes your hair to facilitate deeper repair and pave the way to happy, bouncy hair. This Olaplex Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment rebuilds and strengthens hair bonds and also protects the hair’s integrity. It’s your hair’s volumising best friend.  

Minimalist Hair Growth Actives 18%   

This Minimalist serum is a potent combination of five powerful ingredients in a high concentration of 18%. It  reduces hair fall and adds volume to the hair. To use, apply two to three drops right before bedtime and then use your shampoo and conditioner as usual in the morning. Use it two to three times a week to stop your hair from shedding like a tree in autumn.