Yi Jing at ITC Maratha is the newest addition to the city’s Asian food scene

Experience a culinary extravaganza.

Harper's Bazaar India

Mumbai’s ever-evolving food landscape has a brand new addition and we’re quite ecstatic about it. Located inside Mumbai's ITC Maratha Hotel, Yi Jing brings with it an abundance of flavour and authenticity mirroring the distinctive flavours of Sichuan and Hunan in China that appeal to enthusiasts of Asian cuisine.

The restaurant—ambient and expansive—is spread across an 4,250 sq. ft. When you step inside, the first thing you notice is the expansive dining zone which is split into four zones—an open kitchen, a dim sum and hand-pulled noodle counter, a bar, and a private dining room. The restaurant's red and golden accents transport you to a mystical land! 



The complimentary jasmine tea is the perfect opener for the meal, presented alongside what seemed like a truly refined menu. Vivekanand Singh, the assistant food and beverage manager at ITC Maratha, shared that tea leaves for the jasmine tea are usually harvested during late spring, when they are at their freshest and in their most delicate state, thus lending it a great aroma and flavour. 

Moving on to the star of the night, the menu. Helmed by veteran executive chef Liang Xiao Qing, the restaurant features an extensive and inventive menu. It includes a wide range of offerings, from appetisers such as Golden Chicken with Burnt Garlic and Scallion, Hunan-style Chili Tofu, and Cantonese-style Lotus Stem, to main courses like King Prawns with Pepper Teriyaki Sauce and Lobster Shanghai-style Stir-fried vegetables. However, a pre-emptive heads-up: the visually stunning dishes might make you feel guilty for devouring them. This is especially true for dishes like Char Sui (they presented it as a pretty-looking swan miniature) and Sak Edamame Dim Sum (looked like cute green candies). Every bite melts in your mouth, making it impossible for you to stop hogging like a four-year-old.

For the main course, one can indulge in tempting options such as King Prawns with Pepper Teriyaki Sauce, Lobster Stir-Fried Vegetables Shanghai-style, and Wok-tossed Prawns Infused with Garlic. If you’re a seafood lover, take this as your cue to head to the place, for they have some amazing spreads. 

Not to forget, their cocktails inspired by the four seasons in China—spring, summer, winter, and autumn— are just as impressive. We rounded off our meal with we exquisite desserts, including a Chinese-style caramel custard called Anise Caramel Custard with Sichuan Pepper Toffee Sauce and Yuzu Mascarpone Cheesecake topped with a seasonal fruit compote. Since then, picking a favourite has proven to be an impossible task.

In summation, Yi Jing beckons all food enthusiasts to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other. The fusion of authenticity, innovation, and impeccable presentation makes it a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of culinary excellence. All we can tell you is, the restaurant's modern reinterpretation of Chinese flavours is not only poised to elevate but also revolutionise the dining experience for patrons in Mumbai.