The Bicester Collection—your tryst with luxury retail shopping in quaint European towns

Live out that dream holiday with a luxe lineup of experiences around Europe.

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Imagine strolling through the European countryside, splurging on your favourite brands, and ending the day with your go-to cuisine and a couple of glasses of wine. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? What if we tell you there’s an experience which comprises all this and then some?

The Bicester Collection is a conglomerate of luxury experiences present in nine European villages in London, Milan, Munich, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Brussels, and Frankfurt. The concept was founded on “an innovative spirit and simple idea—to break the boundaries around luxury shopping experience while offering remarkable value”. Since its inception in 1995, The Bicester Collection has brought together the world’s most renowned brands, like Prada, Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, Valentino, and Ferragamo along with regional designers –curating a village-scape that gives guests a glimpse of the unique architecture, style, and customs, each region is known for. 

Since the Bicester Collection is an ever-evolving edit of exciting pop-ups, restaurants, and art installations, there’s something for everyone. For instance, if you’re planning a trip to Paris, take this as your cue to visit the La Vallée Village, a 40-minute drive from the city centre. With over 100 luxury boutiques set up in a quaint and pretty lantern-lit space, guests can spend the day wandering about the village, while shopping, and indulging in mouth-watering delicacies. 

The Bicester Collection also offers a host of services to make the experience more exclusive and uplifting. The private luxury apartments, which can be used upon invite only, allows guests to unwind, relax, and refresh while still taking in the region’s culture. Immerse yourself in Gaudi-style architecture at the La Roca Village, a short drive from Barcelona. It encapsulates the essence of a Mediterranean way of life with vibrant mosaics and historical buildings. You can take in the summer sky while enjoying patatas bravas in the many al fresco diners peppered around the village. Wander the lanes and by-lanes of the village, as you take in the sights of the central plaza, or you could always visit one of the secret gardens. Club all this with retail therapy for a perfect finish to an idyllic day.

The Bicester Collection is easily accessible with several other travel options. Guests can shop virtually by contacting their favourite boutique over Whatsapp, and have their parcel packed personally, all from the comfort of their rooms. With such a wide array of diverse experiences a part of the collection, that European holiday you have been planning needn’t be a distant dream anymore.