Order in your favourites from these 8 cloud kitchens across India

Everything from fresh-off-the-oven pizzas to authentic Mexican fare is a tap away.

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While delivery-only kitchens have existed pre-pandemic, it was only 2020 onwards that the concept finally became mainstream. With an increasing number of people choosing to stay in and order instead of stepping out due to restaurant restrictions and lockdowns, cloud kitchens have sprung up across the country to keep up with the demand. Today, you’ll find them slinging out a range of cuisines from their kitchens—from pan-Asian to pizzas. Read ahead for our list of the note-worthy ones across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. 


For an elaborate taco party
Kiki and Pastor 

Very few places get traditional Mexican cuisine right, and luckily for Mumbai residents, Kiki and Pastor is one of them. Started by Rishabh Doshi and chef Kartikeya Ratan, it caters to both small and big gatherings—think intimate birthday parties to small weddings. Choose from filling tacos like the al pastor taco, the chile relleno taco, and more, or order their burritos and burrito bowls. They also have a small but considerable selection of desserts like the classic churros and coffee tres leches. You can order directly via the link in their Instagram profile.  

For classic pizzas and hearty sandwiches
East 7th Pizza and Deli

Doling out pizzas that are a mix of NY-style and the Italian Neapolitan ones, East 7Th Pizza Deli is a Colaba-based cloud kitchen that has quickly become the city’s favourite. The dough is proofed for several days to get the signature airy, crispy crust, and even the bread for their hefty sandwiches is made from scratch. Expect dishes like the chicken meatball and classic pepperoni pizza that can be paired with a variety of dips, and sandwiches that include cured ham and burrata Panini, chicken meatball parmesan, and more.

For an elevated version of Chinese takeout 


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Joining the string of delivery-only kitchens in Mumbai is Ginkgo, which is known for its Pan-Asian food that hits the spot. With a kitchen in South Mumbai and another in Juhu that opened in October last year, it has an expansive menu that includes spicy dan dan noodles, Vietnamese rice paper roll, Korean kimchi fried rice made popular by K-dramas, pad thai, and more. If you’re a fan of Asian food, this one is not to be missed. 

For indulgent biryanis and kebabs
House of Biryan

Doling out various kinds of biryanis, kebabs, and more is the latest cloud kitchen in Mumbai—House of Biryan. Order in for your next dinner party or even for yourself when a craving for a plate of good ol' biryani strikes! Choose from a host of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options—think lamb chop biryani, koyla-smoked paneer tikka biryani, and bhuna chicken biryani. Their sides are just as irresistible, with dishes like beetroot galouti kebabs, mushroom tikka, and mutton seekh kebabs. 


For quick Asian bites
Oki Poki


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Looking for your ramen fix or craving crisp gyoza with fiery dip? Then Oki Poki should be your go-to. The delivery kitchen is known for its hassle-free Asian food—think teriyaki meal bowls and Instagrammable nigiris. Vegetarians will love their avocado nigiri and the spiced grilled green peppers, while if you’re a non-vegetarian, the duck gyoza and prawn and crab meat dumplings are not to be missed. 

For a DIY pizza kit


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In the mood for a pizza cooking project but also don’t want to labour through the long process of making the dough, the sauce and the toppings from scratch? Homeslice’s DIY pizza kits are the answer. They serve two variants—one that comes with all the ingredients and requires you to assemble and bake in your home oven for 8 minutes, or the quicker version that you just have to reheat in your oven or on a hot pan. 


For your fix of breads and cakes


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Run by husband-wife duo Vishwesh Shanbag and Sejal Prabhu, Lola is a small-batch bakery and boulangerie where you can order everything from occasion cakes, pizzas to simple salads. Keep in mind though that they have specific timings—they’re closed on Tuesdays and are open for lunch and dinner rest of the week .  


For all your cookie cravings
Market Lane Madras

Very few can resist a gooey chocolate chip cookie, and the ones at Market Lane Madras are the best of the lot—all are organic and made with locally-sourced ingredients. Serving dessert lovers in Chennai with offerings such as s’mores (marshmallow-studded cookies), Idukki pecan and triple chocolate, the delivery-only brand was started by Nida Ali. 

Lead image: Ginkgo/ Instagram