A luxury cruise ride, an expansive coastal property, and a special announcement for car enthusiasts

In a scenic getaway in Alibaug, Jaguar Land Rover announced India-assembled flagship Range Rover cars, bringing luxury closer home.

Harper's Bazaar India

It was a bright May morning. The glistening waters of the Arabian Sea quietly ebbed and flowed, setting the backdrop for a beautiful getaway. If you have spent any time in Mumbai, you know the coastal town of Alibaug, a 40-minute yacht ride away, is the ideal destination to spend a rejuvenating day away from the bustle. And the Range Rover team planned just that—the first experiential event by the brand in India.

The nautical experience was set up at an exclusive luxury villa in Alibaug that was tastefully converted into the Range Rover House. It included a range of sensorial activities that combined comfort and composure, much like Range Rover’s robust vehicles.

All this on the sidelines of the exciting announcement that a new assembly line for the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport will be set up in Tata Motors' manufacturing facility in Pune, bringing luxury closer home. This makes India the first country outside the UK to manufacture the Range Rover and Range Rover Sports.

First look of the locally manufactured Range Rover

At the Range Rover House, the first brand touchpoint that guests experienced was the contemporary space—Provenance—that gave a glimpse into the brand’s rich heritage and showcased the timeless beauty and innovation of Range Rover over the years. At the Bespoke Studio, they got a first-hand experience to personalise their next Range Rover alongside specialists from Special Vehicle Operations, while they got insights into the overall aesthetic considerations that go into creating a Range Rover.

Bespoke Studio at Range Rover House

The second leg of the experience included everything from a luxe atelier showcase and a fragrance lab to a wellness sanctuary and tasting vault. While contemporary bespoke design house SS Homme provided an insider's perspective on the current trends of reductive luxury fashion and simplicity, at the fragrance lab, every guest indulged in the art of perfume making with carefully curated scents extracted from ingredients sourced from their places of origin—Darjeeling for tea, Kashmir for saffron, or Assam for vetiver.

Luxe Atelier at Range Rover House

The specially curated Tasting Vault at Range Rover House offered an artisanal experience in fine spirits, bringing to life the most refined flavors—think fine scotch and tequila paired with artisanal chocolates and cheese. But what’s a getaway without wellness and rejuvenating experiences? Facilitated by a leading sound therapist, the sound and crystal healing session at Range Rover House’s Wellness Sanctuary was an immersive experience in the sound of silence. Guests also indulged in reflexology massages.

Wellness Sanctuary at Range Rover House

All these experiences were tied together by a first-of-its-kind tasting menu curated by leading restaurant Masque. The dishes used seasonal ingredients and techniques that drew out the best flavors, well-suited for a summer day.

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