Delectable menus and restaurants that need to be on your radar

Here's everything you need to try this month, from summer-special desserts to healthy menus.

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Regardless of where you reside in India, the rise in temperature is likely making you irritable (trust us, we Mumbaikars know). And nine out of ten times, when the weather lets us down, it's the good things that come to the rescue. Starting with some extremely delicious food. To ensure you're covered with the latest food discoveries, we've found interesting menus and restaurants ranging from summer specials with mango as the central ingredient to quintessential dishes but with a twist. Rest assured, these places will a) help you beat the heat and b) make you forget about it with their flavorful offerings.

Indian Accent, BKC

This is a new menu alert! Indian Accent is here with a new and, of course, enticing menu that features a seven-course chef’s tasting menu crafted by Manish Mehrotra and Head Chef Rijul Gulati. To tell you more about the menu, they have reimagined local favourites such as pav bhaji and the seasonal delight of aamras, giving them a twist. The idea sounds fun, right? Well, it is. Think options like sweet corn muthia paired with masala methi roti and fresh burrata, beet chops accompanied by coconut mustard curry infused with fresh fennel, Kashmiri morel & chicken pulao with pine nuts, and more. These are enough to convince you to go try the menu. So, go do it.

Seeds of Life, Bandra

If you’re keen on eating healthy and enjoy cafe-hopping to discover healthier options, Seeds of Life, located at Palli Hill in Bandra, needs to be next on your list. Their hearty sandwiches, bowls, hummus, and more are not only delicious but also super healthy. Moreover, Seeds of Life does not use refined sugar and white flour, which speaks volumes about its commitment to health-conscious dining. This alone should give you enough reason to check it out.

Pret A Manger, Fort

Pret A Manger, the British sandwich shop franchise, launched in Mumbai last year and has recently expanded to other parts of the city as well. Their newest branch has opened in Kala Ghoda. So, if you reside anywhere near town and love good coffee, you know where to spend your mornings. Apart from infamous coffee, with summer approaching, they've introduced a special range of smoothies for the season. Some of their specials include the garlic jalapeno baguette pizza, muesli bowls, chicken superclub sandwich, egg mayo, and much more. You have to try their classic Tres Leches.

Manam Chocolate Karkhana, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

If you're looking to celebrate the King of Fruits this summer season in Hyderabad, this is the place to be. It's time to indulge in your favourite fruit for a delightful, distinct new mango experience! The options are endless as you get to choose over 30 varieties that include the DIY Mango Sundae Bar where you get to pour Manam’s signature dark or milk chocolate over chunks of fresh, juicy mangoes, layered with sponge cake, and an abundance of fun toppings. Some of these include the chunky Alphonso Mango jelly that's layered with coconut cream in a flaky croissant, the silky, sweet Himayat Mango that gets recast as a soft custard filling in a crispy baked flan, a classic that sees the mulberries and mangoes unite, and many more. This isn't just indulgence. It's a celebration of Indian mangoes in a set of new avatars - ones that surprise and delight with every bite.

Pepito, Ahmedabad


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This place is nothing short of a treasure trove, offering everything from classic cold brews to special treats like affogatos and pour-overs. But that's not all—Seeds of Life also boasts a diverse menu featuring Asian, European, and Italian options such as fusion baozi, tempura sushi, neo burrata, and much more. So, if you find yourself in the Manchester of India, this place is an absolute must-visit.

Sorozai, Versova 


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Missing your Goa trip with your best buddies? Then we have a solid plan for you. Head to Sorozai in Versova this week, where everything from the food to the ambiance is inspired by the culture of Goa. So, you can expect to indulge in dishes like Bombay duck burger, raw fried fish poee, tacos, fish fillets, and many more classics. Additionally, it’s their Goan Bar vibe that you want to look out for includes everything from classic cocktails to malts to wines beers. Think about it, this can be your perfect weekend plan.

Lupa, Bangalore

Lupa is here with its summer special menu, offering a wide array of flavors, from subtle and nuanced to bold and punchy creations. Some of the must-try dishes on the menu include Salt Roasted Baby Za’atar-dusted pretzel, cheese bourekas, tabbouleh with fresh fennel, and much more. And of course, they have summer specials that you just cannot miss out on, like Mango Tres Leches and Cassata—these are the two specials that you have to keep an eye out for.

Roastery Cultùr, Ahmedabad 

Attention all coffee enthusiasts in the city! If you haven't experienced this hidden gem yet, you're in for a treat. This spot is set to become your new favourite hangout. Offering a unique array of options such as cocoa-washed cold brew, coconut-infused cold brew, refreshing blends like fresh orange and coffee, matcha mango milk, and much more, this place has something to tantalize every tastebud. So, if you're someone who can't start the day without an iced latte, this is definitely the place for you. Come and discover your new go-to spot for the perfect coffee fix!

The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai 

Crisp, bright, and light—these words perfectly describe their summer special menu. A delectable lineup awaits you, featuring a variety of gourds, Bengal quince (bael), juicy tomatoes, delicious mangoes, and fiery chilies. For non-vegetarian options, tantalizing dishes like Dabba Gosht, Bheja Pepper Fry, and more are on offer. And the climax? It's their dessert—a nostalgic throwback. The PB&J Kulfi, a twist on the iconic ‘Choco Bar’, is served with salted peanuts, dark chocolate, and blueberry jam. Rest assured, stepping into this space guarantees you the most delicious meal experience.

Flax Healthy Living, BKC

If your morning comprises taking a quick jog and then stopping by for some delicious breakfast, then Flax Healthy Living has to be on your list. Their amazing toast options, like smoked salmon, mashed avocado, and herbed cheese on toasted rye with flax seeds, are absolutely delicious. Apart from toasts, their menu also offers a range of salad bowls, smoothies, wraps, and sandwiches. So, if your food mantra is healthy, then this place has to be on your radar.

Trattoria Hugo, Delhi 

There's a new hot spot in Delhi that's buzzing, and it's this Italian bistro—Trattoria Hugo. The ambiance is likely to transport you to Italy, and with its menu full of a variety of pizzas and pasta, it's definitely going to soothe your taste buds. Some of the classics include Fettuccine Alfredo, Fried Chicken Homer Roll, Nonna’s Style Meatballs, and Penne Alla Vodka.

Marièta, Delhi 


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This newly opened restaurant with global flavours and a Latin American flair is the perfect example of fine dining. The ambience radiates understated elegance with their soft lighting and plush furnishing. Don’t miss the tender and juicy New Zealand Lamb Chops with green millet risotto, and of course we are still dreaming about the Habanero Butter Shrimps served with sourdough. Their selection of agave spirited drinks like the delicate and citrusy Second Date perfectly complemented the evening. End your meal on a sweet note and indulge in the Artusi’s Panna Cotta topped with caramel sauce.


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