5 travel podcasts that take you on an audio tour across India

From first-hand backpacking narrations to important discussions on responsible tourism, these compelling episodes feature it all.

Harper's Bazaar India

Ever driven to work on a Monday morning, fantasising about starting the day in sprawling Himalayan ranges, culture-soaked villages, or remote river islands? While perpetually waiting for that long overdue vacation is no mean feat, the lull doesn’t have to mean a departure from vicarious travel. We’ve rounded up five travel podcasts that help you absorb the true spirit of India through the tales of ardent adventurers. The episodes offer a peek inside the lives of rural communities, bring out stories of responsible voluntourism, feature advice on creating informed itineraries for exciting locations, and a lot more. Besides, it helps that the riveting experiences of these travellers inspire you to throw caution to the wind and pack those bags at the next chance you get.  

The Musafir Stories 

The Musafir Stories takes you to remote villages, river islands, beaches, and mountains, as well as historically significant cities in India—through the experiences of ardent travellers. As backpackers, travel bloggers, and mountaineers share their tales of traversing through regions, the listeners get a first-hand account of their encounters. In each episode, Bangalore-based hosts Saif Omar and Faiza Khan converse with a new guest, helping their audience discover the nuances of a destination and inspiring them to pack their bags and take the leap of faith. The podcast has released 137 episodes so far, with the latest one transporting you to Gokarna via the stories of lawyer-turned-travel entrepreneur Paro. 

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Daily Passenger Responsible Travel Podcast 

Award-winning travel blogger, host Anshul Akhouri chats with experts from the field of responsible tourism in his podcast. The topics range from the trouble with geo-tagging locations that aren’t popular on travel maps, to the significance of volunteering, creating photo content mindfully, and a lot more. Akhouri opens dialogue on several concepts that are seldom discussed on mainstream channels. Each episode welcomes a guest who has been a significant contributor to the world of sustainable travel or can share an informed view on a particular subject. 64 episodes down, the latest one discusses how travel shapes children. 

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Travel with Ketan 

Biker, backpacker and travel writer Ketan Joshi documents his motorbiking adventures, and misadventures with his two friends.The author of the Three Men on Motorcycles series and the One Man Goes Backpacking series, goes to the himalayan highlands of Ladakh, and narrates the story of their ascent from Pahalgam to Sonamarg, the hitchhiking trip from Padum to Kargi, and more. An amusing narration, Travel with Ketan is a 15-episode series that promises a light-hearted listening experience. 

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Brewing Travel Shots 

The Brewing Travel Shots is hosted by The Flapper Life—a women’s travel and lifestyle company—and spotlights engrossing tales of unsung female travellers. From archaeologists and wildlife naturalists, to travel entrepreneurs and bikers, the range of adventurers discuss their record-breaking feats, conservation of the natural world, and making travel hygiene easy for women, amongst other things. The episodes also introduce overarching themes of being a female traveller in India and exploring a career in the industry through their personal experiences. The podcast offers 18 episodes helmed by these inspiring individuals. ​

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India Chalo 

On similar lines as The Musafir Stories, India Chalo, too, takes you to a range of Indian destinations through the stories of avid travellers. As the guests talk about their motivation behind pursuing a passion; share empirical observations about particular locations; and advise on creating realistic and cultured itineraries for places they’ve visited, the listeners experience absorbing episodes packed with riveting tales and adventures. The podcast features 16 episodes, with the latest one set in Dharamkot, a small village situated in Himachal Pradesh. Delightful!

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