These Indian brands are serving us the best genderless looks

Blurring the lines never looked this good.

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It takes one quick look through the gram to know that today’s fashion is all about bending those gendered boundaries, to slip into whatever you want, regardless of what's trending. If you prefer comfort over corsets—by all means, own it. As more and more androgynous silhouettes fill our feed, the thin red line, created by conventional norms between women’s wear and men’s wear is becoming hazier than ever before. 

Not limited to social media, everyone seems to have gotten the memo. From Brad Pitt showing up at a promotional event in a skirt and Billie Eilish acing the oversized T-shirt game, to Ranveer Singh’s entire wardrobe, gender-neutral fashion is more than your next 10-second trend. 

And if you’re looking to spruce up your closet and move away from gendered silhouettes, we’ve scoured the scene to bring you 8 homegrown brands that make for a truly all-inclusive shopping experience. 

Two Point Two

Two Point Two’s gender-agnostic stand is not just for show. Helmed by Anvita Sharma, the brand aims to blur the boundary between the two binary genders, to create a third that is a blend of the two yet speaks for neither. Their collection consists of oversized, free-flowing outfits that incorporate lots of colour and silhouettes that are neither conventionally masculine or feminine, thereby, creating an amalgamation of the two genders. 

If the “beauty in imperfection” ideology of this brand wasn’t fascinating enough, they also value slow fashion and sustainability. All the embroidery and thread work you see on the clothes are done using leftover fabric after production. The next time you want to twin with your partner or want to add a little gender-bender twist to your wardrobe, check out Two Point Two. 



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The brainchild of Akshay Sharma, Vulgar’s journey began right before the first lockdown in 2020. The brand aims to push the conventional boundaries of fashion and move on from the age-old ideology of binary genders. With its post-apocalyptic, futuristic vibe, Vulgar’s collection showcases androgynous silhouettes with bold colours, edgy prints, and superfluous cuts. From technicolour shirts with orgasm-inspired artwork to hot pink leather thongs, they have what it takes to generate enough shock value. 



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Think genderless streetwear chic with an Indian spice mix. Naalgo is a homegrown brand that blends modern silhouettes and designs with Indian fabrics. They use handwoven ikat material, colourful prints and patchwork to create contemporary gender-neutral pieces that have a traditional touch. With a strong sense of sustainability and ethical practices, Naalgo ensures all its material is locally sourced from weavers in Telangana. Look to this brand for the days you want to embrace all things minimalistic. 



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Wondering where Alia Bhatt got her shaggy distressed jeans? Right here. Helmed by Kirti Misra and Shyma Shetty, Huemn is known for its refreshing, easy-breezy genderless vibe. From hoodies to graphic tees and co-ord sets, Huemn has aced comfort wear and the androgynous oversized silhouette. Since its inception a decade ago, the brand has carved out a space for its unique aesthetic in the ever-changing homegrown fashion scene, slowly and assuredly. 

Nor Black Nor White 

The brainchild of Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar, Nor Black Nor White is a brand that celebrates endangered traditional textiles and handicrafts while perfectly blending them with modern designs. They use vibrant hues, bold prints, and traditional fabrics to create genderless outfits that will stand out in the crowd. NBNW allows people to express themselves through their clothes and not be tied down by society’s conventional norms. 



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Biskit, a unisex concept label that explores the convoluted relationship between art and design has a very unique aesthetic. The slow-fashion brand merges storytelling with minimalism and functionality. What makes Biskit stand out from the herd is that they're challenging the conventional norms in fashion by having men and women wear the same clothes and pose in the same frame. Think oversized T-shirts, bottom wear and hoodies that feature futuristic mind-bending prints. With this brand, it's always comfort wear for the win!

Moral Science 

Started by Isha Ahluwalia, Moral Science uses fashion as a medium of storytelling. Instead of shying away from typically gendered elements, this brand blends the designs to create a playful yet androgynous look. Moral Science's pieces flaunt bold silhouettes, pops of colour, dramatic layering and best of all, lots and lots of pockets. The next time you're looking for a brand that aces the workwear aesthetic while maintaining a genderless vibe, Moral Science is the way to go. 

Bobo Calcutta 


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Founded by Ayushman Mitra, Bobo Calcutta negates all gender stereotypes with its explosion of colour and daring prints. The brand focuses on outfits that are pieces of artwork that can be worn rather than hung as decoration. From embroidered lehengas to jackets that often feature colourful face motifs, if we had to describe Bobo Calcutta we'd say it has a genderless yet quirky vibe. It's the brand to turn to when you need outfits that can brighten up your wardrobe. 

Lead image:
Siddharth Batra wearing Huemn

Photographs by Raju Raman
Styling by Shaurya Aathley