The new age Indian bride is paving her own path and how

Malabar Gold and Diamond’s #ShowTheWay campaign follows the journey of brides who are leading the way in their own unique style.

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The evolution of the modern Indian wedding is seen in its bolder choices, personal style statements and an expression of mutual love between the bride and the groom. Gone are the days of the stereotypical shy and coy bride, because the new age Indian bride is all about carving her own path to happiness and fulfilment. She no longer feels the need to conform to convention—she’s here to have wedding filled with love, excitement and dances to a perfectly curated playlist. It’s about what she thinks of herself. She is the main character and exudes nothing but grace, elegance and confidence. Malabar Gold and Diamonds latest campaign draws on these very ideas as it follows the journey of fourteen brides across the length and breadth of India. “She's not just the showstopper anymore, she's the showrunner as well. For she's the new-age bride of India. With her hands firmly behind the wheel of her own journey, she decides how her story is going to be. While she is paving her way to happiness, she is also inspiring everyone with her confidence. This is her moment, and she's going to have her say. From here on, she's going to #ShowTheWay,” they write. 

Here’s a glimpse into the journeys of the many brides of India as they get ready for their wedding day, drape their specially picked out saris and adorn the brands’ jewellery that are a reflection of their personalities, values and beliefs. 

The bejewelled bride 

The epitome of grace, this Indian bride is wearing the brand's Polki jewellery collection that has been intricately designed with an aim to make the bride feel like her best self on her wedding day. Her effortless beauty is enhanced with each piece of jewellery that has been crafted by artisans with the finest gemstones and other materials, which will be a reminder of this day for years to come.  

The show-stopper bride 

This bride is nothing less than the head-turner moment on the wedding day. Like we said, the new age Indian bride, is the show-stopper (as she should be). The Malabar Gold and Diamonds' jewellery that she adorns is not only rooted in India’s rich and diverse culture and heritage but also exudes the bride’s personality, goals, and values. From gorgeous necklaces and earrings to pretty and simple bangles, the diamond jewellery collection has much to offer. 

The enchanting bride 

This Indian bride brings to the forefront the culture and traditions of Andhra Pradesh. Malabar Gold and Diamonds' Precia jewellery collection is a celebration of the modern Indian bride that belongs to a multi-cultural India. She radiates elegance as she wears the gemstone embellished necklaces, diamond encrusted earrings bangles and more. Each piece of jewellery is curated to complement and complete the bridal look, for an unforgettable wedding day. 

The trendsetter bride

This bride from South India celebrates non-conformity and the unconventional. She is an embodiment of confidence and beauty. Malabar Gold and Diamonds’ South Divine Collection is the perfect amalgamation of modernity and traditional South Indian craft and has been curated to make the bride feel nothing less than a queen on her special day. 

The dazzling bride

This bride is dazzling in every way. Her look is an ode to the state's heritage and history and the South Diamond Bride collection, has been crafted to be more than just an accessory on her wedding day. Each piece of jewellery is a symbol of love, commitment and care—the foundations of a good, happy and healthy marriage. 

The regal bride 

For all those brides-to-be who envision a royal, fairy-tale like wedding, Malabar Gold and Diamonds' Ethnix Collection is just for you. Designed to cater to this, one-of-a-kind regal feeling, the various pieces of jewellery such as bangles, necklaces, earrings, will leave the bride feeling absolutely royal and will be a true vision of grace and sophistication. 

The elegant bride 

This modern Indian bride comes from a multi-cultural India—this one from North India. Her bright bright pink pleated sari is all things vibrant and celebratory. The outfit is perfectly complemented with the craftsmanship of the Divine Jewellery Collection that is curated with the perfect blend of traditional designs, a contemporary aesthetic and the bride’s personal style. 

The bride from Maharashtra 

Draped in a nauvari sari and looking like a traditional Maharashtrian bride, she is the epitome of elegance and beauty. Her look is complete with a precious-stone encrusted nath (or nose ring) and the thushi necklace and is a celebration of the states’ diverse and rich culture. Needless to say, she looks all things stunning and beautiful.  

The bride from Tamil Nadu 

This Tamilian bride adorns the classic golden waist belt, known as ‘oddiyanam,’ the maang tika and layers of gold necklaces that go perfectly well with the maroon sari, covered in zari work that she has draped. The brands’ gold and diamond collections are an ode and celebration of the diversity that exists in India and have crafted jewellery to cater to a host of cultures. 

The bride from Odisha 

This red bridal sari worn by the Odiya bride evokes a sense of traditionalism and is paired with piece of jewellery that have been crafted with classic motifs and intricate designs that are a reflection of Odisha’s history and heritage. Her look is replete with beauty, poise, elegance and more—and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

The bride from Punjab 

Alexa play: Nachde Ne Saare. There’s nothing we love more than a Punjabi wedding and this bride exudes a bold, and beautiful demeanour. Her traditional red out with golden embroidery is complemented by the brand's Ethnix collection, with each piece designed with gemstones and diamonds and crafted to stand out. 

The bride from Gujarat 

From kaka-moti necklaces and choker to haath phools and bangles, this jewellery is all about traditions with a modern twist. The bride is dressed in the classic tones of red, gold and green and her look is rooted in the culture of Gujarat, Dressed in the traditional and classic hues of red, gold and green this bride from Gujarat is all about traditions with a contemporary twist and brings a fresh perspective to the run-of-the-mill notions about the Indian bride.
The bride from Bengal 

This Bengali bride takes pride in adorning the golden hued jewellery for her wedding day that goes perfectly with the traditionally draped, red Bengali sari. Her necklaces, bangle, mang tika and earrings are a testimony to the brands’ vision of curating bridal jewellery that tells a story.

The bride from Bihar 

This bride from Bihar is definitely a sight to behold with the red sari and golden jewellery. Designed to make her feel her best on her wedding day, the brand leaves no stone unturned in catering to traditions, values, beliefs, personal style, and more.