How lab-grown diamond jewellery is sustainable, environment-friendly, and affordable all at once

Shining brighter, one diamond at a time.

Harper's Bazaar India

It's true, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially when the very same precious stones are available for half the price. The jewellery industry has truly revolutionised with the advent of lab-grown diamonds—an alternative to natural diamonds. Created in cultivated environments by replicating the conditions in which natural diamonds are formed, synthetic diamonds cost a fraction of their natural counterparts while being visually and chemically identical to the latter. A host of homegrown brands including Avtaara by Anushikha Sanghvi Shah, DiAi Designs by Disha Shah, Itara Jewelry by Shivika Poonglia, and Limelight Diamonds by Pooja Sheth Madhavan among others, offer a variety of styles—from tennis bracelets, solitaire rings, and eternity bands to pendant chains, earrings, and necklaces—in the lab-grown diamond segment.

Juniper Ring, Itara Jewelry, ₹48,000

One of the major benefits of lab-grown diamonds is how sustainable they are; they cause less damage to the earth as they aren't mined. “Traditional diamond mining can permanently damage the environment due to rock removal, habitat pollution, usage of vast amounts of water and energy, and dissemination of harmful pollutants that the process involves,” shares Itara’s founder Shivika Poonglia. 

Quality control is yet another advantage of synthetic diamonds. “Since lab-grown diamonds are produced under controlled conditions in a laboratory, the quality stays consistent resulting in better clarity and colour in diamonds with fewer impurities,” adds Limelight Diamonds' Pooja Sheth Madhavan.

Disc Pendant, Avtaara, ₹16,100

However, what really makes lab-grown diamonds attractive, especially to Gen Z is their affordable pricing. “Lab-grown diamonds have definitely picked up traction over the last year and a half,” says Anushikha Sanghvi Shah. “People who always aspired to procure diamond jewellery but could not because of the high price point, are now buying lab-grown diamond jewellery because of its affordability. While engagement rings remain a hot seller for us, other pieces such as solitaire studs and tennis bracelets are also classic favourites,” she adds.

Elegant Nova Diamond Ring, Limelight Diamonds, ₹42,085

So what should you look out for when buying lab-grown diamond jewellery? “Always purchase jewellery with certification by a recognised laboratory keeping in mind the colour and clarity as well as the cut of the diamond as that’s what gives the sparkle to the gemstone,” says Disha Shah.

Paradoxical Love Earrings, DiAi Designs, ₹1,25,500

Shah goes on to talk about how she is often asked about the resale value of lab-grown diamonds: “I believe diamonds—whether lab-grown or natural—unlike gold, should not be bought with the purpose of investing. Their price fluctuates due to variations in demand and supply.”

Looking to buy something trendy or even classic that is perfect for the festive season as well as for daily wear all while avoiding a dent in your wallet? Why don’t you give lab-grown diamonds a shot!