Jazz up your workwear with the popular ‘office siren’ trend

Oversized silhouettes are making way for fitted and figure-flattering forms.

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After Barbiecore and grandpacore, there’s a new aesthetic in town, and it’s practical enough to wear to work. No, really, the ‘office siren’ trend helps you imagine yourself as the main character of your workplace in a Y2K movie—you mean business, you get work done, and yet you are not afraid to have fun. The look imbues just a dash of femininity and flirtiness to your average workwear, taking it from boring to interesting with just a few simple changes.

Read on to learn more about the trend, how to ace the look, and the staples you should add to your wardrobe.

What is the ‘office siren’ trend?


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What seems like a trend is actually a comeback of a popular aesthetic of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. And since we’re seeing a resurgence of all things Y2K, the return of office fashion from that era is no surprise. Like most of the recent fashion and beauty trends, the ‘office siren’, too, started on social media. Workplaces returning to full work-from-office mode after the pandemic inspired Gen Z to hop onto the aesthetic. The style is characterised by a simple colour palette and a non-fussy silhouette that is tailored yet feminine.

How to ace the look?

Go for a neutral palette made up of muted browns, charcoal blacks, deep greys, beige, and white; black is a common favourite. Find a way to include patterns and textures through pops of animal print, stripes, and denim. 

One way to ace the trend is by looking at some of the iconic movies and shows from the era for inspiration. Think Gisele Bündchen in The Devil Wears Prada and Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green in Friends. The red-carpet fashion in the ‘90s and ‘00s saw sleek prescription glasses being donned by Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, and others. More recently, Bella Hadid was spotted channelling her inner office siren, albeit a spicy one, as she posted a carousel on her Instagram wearing a snug striped shirt, black pants, and glasses. 

Staples of the ‘office siren’ trend


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What we love about this trend is that it includes pieces that will be your go-to long after this trend stops being popular. A well-fitted dress shirt that accentuates your form, a true-to-size blazer, tailored pants, and pencil skirts are some examples. Tightfitting turtlenecks, sheer tights, and scarves can make an appearance, too.

Accessories can make or break the look. The signature rectangle-shaped slim prescription glasses are a hot favourite at the moment and add that true office look—both Billie Eilish and Doja Cat were seen wearing these on the red carpet, so they are definitely having their moment right now. You could also add some interesting pearl and silver jewellery like bangles, rings, chains, and chokers. Remember, less is more. Swap your ballet flats and loafers for chic kitten heels, slingbacks, heeled Mary Janes, or boots—adding some height elevates the look without being too uncomfortable. And finally, don't forget an office tote. You could either go for a solid neutral shade like black or brown, or a printed one if you feel like experimenting. Shoulder bags with metallic chains are another option if you want more glam.

‘Office siren’ beauty

When it comes to beauty, take a natural approach with a subdued skin-like base, but don’t be afraid to try out the occasional cat eye or a smoky eye look that will stand out from under your glasses. Add a bit of blush and contour and finish off with a glossy pout. 

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