Indian jewellery brand Tanishq glitters at Paris Couture Week with its ‘Tales of Mystique’ collection

The elegant 60-piece collection inspired by Rajasthan’s royal architecture was launched at Rahul Mishra’s showcase.

Harper's Bazaar India

In Rajasthan, artistic inspiration lies at every corner—be it the domes and jharokhas of its grand palaces to the majestic arches and staircases of forts like Amer, Mehrangarh, and many more. The stunning architecture and design lie at the heart of Tanishq’s newest high-value jewellery collection titled ‘Tales of Mystique’, which was unveiled as part of the brand’s grand debut at Paris Haute Couture Week. The event, which is all about high fashion, is one of the most anticipated in the industry, and celebrates fashion at its innovative and creative best. 

Tanishq, India’s largest jewellery retail brand, has masterfully conceptualised 60 unique pieces that was launched at fashion designer Rahul Mishra’s Fall/Winter 23/24 showcase. The jewellery collection takes the best of Indian heritage elements and transforms them for a global fashion audience. Each piece features contemporary silhouettes married with traditional motifs, an amalgamation that will transport you to an era gone by. Intricate royal designs and sculptural details find their way into necklace sets, rings, bracelets, and earrings that are crafted with semi-precious stones paired with cut diamonds set in 18kt gold.  

The collection also shines the spotlight on Indian artisans, whose expert craftsmanship is the true embodiment of rich Indian culture and its arts and crafts. This is in line with both Tanishq’s and Mishra’s fashion philosophy—his showcase at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week titled ‘We, The People’ was an ode to the artisans behind the creations. 

The collection is perfect for today’s woman who looks for one-of-a-kind jewellery that reflects her personality and tastes. It is for those who want to stay on trend, yet, have strong roots in tradition. With timeless pieces that reflect India's culturally vibrant past, the collection bedazzles with its unique design and contemporary look. We love!

The secrets of splendor lies in the essence of architectural elegance. Discover the alluring and intricate jewellery details of the Tales of Mystique collection here.