Here's how Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s style can help you embody the corporate girl aesthetic

Her wardrobe is the spell book you didn’t know you needed.

Harper's Bazaar India

Carolyn Bessette is a name that not many might be familiar with today. However, she was a source of inspiration for the fashion-forwards in the 90s, and for all the right reasons. 

Born in 1966, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy was a prominent figure from Greenwich, Connecticut, best known for her impeccable fashion sense after she ventured into the world of high fashion as a publicist for Calvin Klein in New York City in the 90s. She came into the public eye when she began dating John F. Kennedy Jr., the son of the former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The couple’s romance became a captivating narrative in the media, making her minimalist fashion sense a solid inspiration for many.

Bessette's style was marked by simplicity—clean lines and muted tones that exuded sophistication. Put simply, she made the ‘corporate girl aesthetic’ look cool even before it was a thing. Characterised by sleek silhouettes and a penchant for neutral colors, Bessette's fashion choices remain relevant even in contemporary times. And if you're curious, here’s how you can ace the chic corporate girl aesthetic like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.

White shirts for the win 


This ensemble proves that you can never go wrong with a white shirt. Pro tip: always have a well-fitting white shirt in your wardrobe. It can effortlessly complement anything from jeans to a fancy skirt and even a bold blazer. During one of her public appearances, the American publicist paired a classic white shirt with a chic mermaid skirt and glossy red lips. This looks serves as a significant lesson in minimalism, and we're taking notes!

Make trench coats your winter best friend


A winter staple, trench coats add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, whether it's an elegant black dress for work or a shirt and a pair of jeans, adding a long coat is sure to make you look like a chic goddess. Bessette-Kennedy was spotted with a chic black dress with a black trench, and it proved to be a total hit. 

Pair your boots with a midi skirt 


Pulling off an aesthetic is all about the right fit, like the classic boots with a midi skirt. This was a trend lost between the late '90s and early 2000s, but is making a comeback. Take a cue from Bessette-Kennedy's wardrobe; in this ensemble, she pairs a plain black top with a beige skirt and brown boots, finishing the look with a sleek ponytail.

Building a capsule wardrobe 


If you take a closer look at Bessette's wardrobe, you will realise that most of her outfits are a result of building a smart capsule wardrobe—that is, mixing and pairing a few essentials with different pieces over and over again. Having the basic essentials like a pair of trousers, a white shirt, black boots, denim, and a black dress can save you a lot of thinking, effort, money, and still make you look stylish.